Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Master Bed & Bath

Here’s the next room in the house “tour”.  I’m a bit late getting this up.  I’ve learned with the flu & the scorpion sting that when a mom is down & out for a day it takes 3-4 days to get the house back in order! :)

This is our room.  Sits at the back of the house.  The stairs come up the middle of the house.  Our room & zebra room are toward the back.  Boys room & guest room toward the front. Sorry in advance for the too dark or over bright photos.

From the door: our massive bed and curtains from KS house fit perfectly!


View from our bedroom windows. I frequently see this view about 5:45 AM when Aidan is pulling me out of bed, to show me it is a “sunny day” thus time to get up. Lovely.


From my side of the bed looking back toward the door & the bathroom entry.

  DSC05521  DSC05523

Bathroom w/dbl vanity to left, tub & shower straight ahead, potty room & closet to the right (see pics below).


From the tub the other direction looking back toward the bedroom.  Matt’s throne room & the walk in closet scene of scorpion attack.


Shelving behind the closet door that my FIL built on his first visit here.  Still needs a bit of painting attention from me!  Hard to tell in these pics, but Matt takes most of the closet space!!!

DSC05536 DSC05537

View from shower.  Aidan loves to climb up on the edge of the tub and spot the cacti. His favorite one is the quite tall one pictured on the right. Kinda looks like a pitchfork.

DSC05539 DSC05541

His other favorite view.  Aidan has a never ending love of the scenery here.  Every time we “go to town” (oh my…did I just say that?) he gets so excited, points and screams repeats himself until I look.


This what really gets the kids going.  If you stick your head/neck in just the right way you can see the neighbors pool w/ rock waterfall/diving “cliff” and in pool table.  See our poor children only have a pool w/neglected landscaping.  Sad huh? Pretty sure Matt is has a mission to do something similar in some way once we get the drip system figured out & purchase some new plants/trees.  This should soothe his need to manicure a lawn. :)


So that’s it.  Our Master “retreat”. that gets infiltrated nightly or in the wee hours of the AM by 3 different munchkins.

Hmm…up next…well - we’ll see what rooms I get ready. :) Still got some unfinished projects going on in some other rooms!


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