Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1st Graders

Here is Ms. Emma’s 1st grade photo…            Here’s her mama in 1st grade…

 ScannedImage                      ScannedImage-2 


Here she was last year…


We threatened to chop her hair and chubby up her cheeks to have our Kindergarten baby back :)

Man I LOVE the little bob on her….but nooo she wants looong hair.

Hopefully she won’t look back and say “Why did my mom dress me like that!?!?”  or “Why did my mom let me sport a mullet??” oh.  wait.  it’s me asking that!?!?! MOOOOM?????


Meg said...

I'm with you -- I like the bob better! Maybe you can talk her into getting her hair cut...tell her I just had all of mine cut off. ;)

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