Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brain Spill II

More randomness from my exciting life in the desert:

- Witnessed something crazy and awkward today.  I had been in town.  About an 1/8 of a mile from the entrance to our development I see a man on the side of the road standing on the passenger side of his SUV.  I assume flat tire.  That seems to happen here A LOT.  As I pass I check my rearview window to see him tucking “something” in and ziiiiiipping.

Oh. No. Can’t be.  A grown man standing peeing (very un-shyly) on the side of the road. Daylight.  Fairly busy 4 lane road as school is letting out.  No door open to block the view of anything.

I proceed to the circle drive at the school to pick Emma up.  Bet you can’t guess who pulled in a parked right behind me. Nice.  Luckily he didn’t come up and want to introduce himself and shake my hand. Yuck.


- God is teaching me patience.  It’s everywhere.  The sermon Sunday touched on it.  Then growing frustration with Emma’s school made it very evident this week.  I was sooo irritated with NOT knowing what was going on and what we were to be helping her with that I was ready to go speak to the teacher. She has brought home NOTHING in 6 weeks.  Not one bit of homework, no work sheets, nada.  Tuesday I hit my limit.  However, on the way home from work Monday the car broke down.  So in the heat of my frustration I was carless.  Lucky teacher.

Matt comes home Tuesday night to tear in to fix the car.  It works.  Just fine.  Like nothing was ever wrong. Nice.

Irritation grows.  Emma comes home telling me that bad people come in schools and shoot kids. (they had practiced their “lock-down” maybe a little TMI to tell a first grader the full details of why a lock down is necessary IMO) I vent to a friend Thursday…poor girl having to listen to me yammer on.  Friday- letter comes home from the teacher.  Spells out what is coming up, homework procedures, instructions what he wants done with the 500+ word list he’s sent home, a drop in conference time with him next week. (official conferences end of next month). 

Glad timing didn’t work out for me to go be a blubbering fool.  Amazing what a few days and some actually communication can do! :)


- Why do some people seem to be tested so much more than others?  I think wow…that’s enough to happen in a person’s life.  Then something else happens to them again, and again.  Know 2 people right now that seems to be facing yet another tough spot in life.  Not sure if it would mean much to them to know, but I’ve learned more from the 2 of them than probably anyone else in my 32 years.


- So the excuses stop in about a week.  My treadmill arrives.  Wonder how long it will take to “walk” the distance from AZ to Kansas on it?

- We have spent a small fortune on pacifiers for Isaac.  More than with the other 2 combined.  I’m sure of it.  Why??? I guess we’re more distracted thus don’t notice that he dropped one in every store and parking lot we’ve stepped foot in. Clip thing was a joke and fell apart in a couple weeks. Bought more today.  Not the exact ones he likes, but fairly close.  The little stinker could tell the difference, but was desperate enough he used it anyway. :) And don’t tell me kids shouldn’t have them past a year or it effects their speech.  #1 he’s my baby.  #2 Emma had one until 18 months and she speaks juuuust fine. Maybe even too fine. You can borrow her if you don’t believe me.

- A little more scrappin’ and it will be 2008 in scrapbook years.  Yeah!

- Score: Scorpion: 2, Me: 4  Yeah!!! I’m winning!!

- I’m in love with our bug guy.  See previous item.

That’s bout all here…


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