Sunday, September 19, 2010

Officially O.N.E

Once settled in I took Isaac in for his 12 month pics.  Luckily there’s a J.C.Penny’s everywhere. At each milestone I did a 10x10 collage print…they will fit handy dandy in his scrapbook!

Here’s Isaac:


Just for kicks here’s Frankenstein Aidan:


And Emma’s:


While in for Isaac’s pics Aidan saw their Harley Davidson event props.  He’s been in love with that motorcycle for a long time, so I decided to schedule a session. He was soooo excited! I never really had his 3 year pics taken.  Some beautiful pics by a friend and these kinda serve as his late 3 Yr. pics.


He was so happy about these pictures.  He especially loved the tattoo.


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