Monday, September 13, 2010

This is what happens…

when you are scared to do laundry.  Like really scared to touch it.DSC05689
The time it takes to do laundry has just multiplied greatly.  Shaking out each item before touching it is a compulsive and time consuming job.
**I do want to give a disclaimer.  In Sunflower State laundry frequently looked this way all over the sectional in the basement.  Back then I deserved to be stung, bit or attacked by any varmint living in the heap of clothing. HOWEVER, since moving to Scorpion Cactus Country, with assistance from my new front loaders, I have diligently kept my laundry up…until the events of last Wednesday that is.
I’m feeling better after Wednesday’s run in with a scorpion that called my laundry basket home.  My joints still hurt a bit.  He got me on my arm about 3-4 in. above my wrist and a 2nd time right above my knee.  With each passing day the pain radiated further away from the site of the sting into my hand, ankle & foot.  Then Saturday the spots where he got me swelled and itched. Weird.
Mr. Bug Guy, my new best friend, came Saturday and doused the house with insane amounts of chemicals in an attempt to kill the laundry lurking demons and their food source.  Mr. Bug Guy will be returning monthly!! And the best news…found this…
DSC05698 DEAD Monday AM before I could even get this posted!! YIPPIE!!!!
He was found in front of the pantry.  That’s the 2nd one found near pantry.  So, if you’re keeping track…snake gets me outta doing trash duty, one scorpion keeps me from laundry, and with 2 found in the kitchen I best stop cooking.  What will I do with all my free time!?!?!? :)
Everyone at work tells Matt they’ve lived here for years and never witnessed all of these creatures.  They said all we had left to experience was a camel spider.   “What’s that?”he asks.  They start to describe it and tell the nasty things it does to animals.  Matt comes home and informs me by their description he thinks it is what we killed Monday, in the dining room, a couple hours after killing the snake!!!  It took me several days to get the nerve to search for a picture on the internet.   Grrrrrrrrrrrreat.  We’re so lucky. 
You can read about it here if you wish.  He looked like the top 2 pics. He was not as big as these pictures show!!  He was the size of a normal…fatter spider…yet they are odd looking and don’t look like your typical long legged spider.  If you do some nosing around on the site you can see a camel spider eating a scorpion.  I like that, yet don’t want the darn spider in my house either!! 
Killer bees, snakes, scorpions & spiders OH MY!
Have I mentioned- Ha!
Perhaps this mountain view, reserve lot, outside of town was NOT a good idea!!


Mandy said...

Bless your heart. I feel awful for you really. I am a varmint hater, so I would be frozen in my home if this were the issue... acutally, I probably would have already have put the "For Sale" sign in the yard. Thinking of you!

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