Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Baby…

Despite my blog records Isaac did turn 10 months and even 11 months, although you wouldn’t know based on my posts. 

10 month pic slipped away b/c we were in AZ house hunting.  Whoops.  Totally ruins the future scrapbook collage w/each months photo. Mother of the Year right here.

11 months I actually took this pic, however no record of the “stats”.  Don’t worry I plan on helping pay for his therapy later in life when he’s trying to work through not knowing his likes, dislikes and milestones between 10 & 12 months of age.

11 months

A bit of OCD (actually C.D.O- I like my disorders in ABC order) chaps me with his one year bear photo…the background is different…obviously…it was taken here in the new house, but not so noticeable. It was also sooo hard to take cause he did NOT want to sit still.

 12 Mo bear 

Size: 27 lbs, 33 in.

What You’re Wearing: 24 months, mostly 2T, size 5 double wide shoes, size 4 diaper

Firsts: end of June started walking and quickly moved to running, says dada part of the time babbling, part of the time to daddy, stacked a 3 & 5 block tower at a year, surgery, move, hair cut,

Head to Toe: tubes in ears mid July, 1st 2 teeth the beginning to middle of July, first top tooth first days in AZ and second top tooth on bday.

Loves: stacking blocks, see N’ say, light up noisy toyes, shoes, forks, swimming, dancing, playing on stairs, skyping, playing with the swiffer duster, helping mommy do dishes & “clean” the stainless steel appliances :)

Dislikes:  not having pacci, not getting to be a part of what the older 2 are doing, not having mama, brushing teeth,

Eating: nothing with texture.  Still wants baby food. (except green beans- don’t blame ya)  Will eat crackers, cheerios, bananas, anything off mommy’s fork but if mommy puts her food cut up on a plate for you- no way.  Won’t eat it. Loooves milk and easily transitioned off it right after your birthday. Insists on using a fork when eating the little table food you like.

Sleeping: sleeping has been a pain.  Did try making you cry it out for a week and it went BAAAD. A few days later learn you have an ear infection.  Can’t get it under control so at night I’d feel bad and not let you cry.  Then after tubes there was build up that was causing you problems, it was close to the move with lots of hotel stays and the new house.  Decided to wait until settled in. Then right after your first bday you all of a sudden started sleeping 7:50 pm till morning.  All I had to do was threaten one day that I was going to make you start crying it out.  Whala that night you slept through! Because of sissy’s school schedule you only get one nap.  Morning nap of about 1 1/2 hours.  Makes the evening rough, but creates the early bed time.

Here’s a comparison of my big boy!

1 year collage

It was probably a good thing that we were so busy at the time of his first birthday b/c it’s just now hitting me that it was our last first birthday. 

Of course then I think back not so long ago when we learned Isaac would be a big brother at 15 months.  Crazy idea I began to love.

But now it makes me ache.  In my heart I wish it were still so.  Not just b/c it would mean we would still be in KS, but b/c I think I kinda thought 4 was a good number.  Crazy some would say.

Matt says I’ve got it bad…baby fever that is.  I think it’s just a dreamy thought of holding a new tightly wrapped baby burrito…like real new…like those few short days where you’re livin’ on adrinilne and the sleepless nights and exhaustion haven’t set in yet. :)


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