Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things I Learned This Week.

I’m the best wiper.  According to Aidan the non-poopy trained 3 yr old. I gladly accept that honor and think it should help me in my future.

The above compliment can be the best thing you’ve heard all week b/c said non-poopy trained child was such a pain all week.

There is one, and only ONE advantage to Aidan having the terrible week full of biting and hitting punching he had this week.  While sitting on his bed “turning his fit off” and screaming “Moooooooommy, Moooooooooommmmmmmmy, MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY” Guess what Isaac can say now?  “Mama” I’d like to think it’s b/c he loves his mama so, but probably more to do with listening to his brother.

AZ eats car batteries.

Dreaming about 5 visitors from KS and a tornado hitting must mean I’m missin’ KS!

I’ve finally decided done is better than love.  I’ve had some scrapbook pages that I’m not loving, but in recent weeks decided to just get them done.  Several are done.  I don’t love them.  They are not my favorite,but done non the less.

We have started watching The Colony.  You would never catch me on that show.  Although it might be a good diet plan.

To strive for a clean one year old is pointless.  In the attempt to clean child by bathing results in 3 poos during and after bath.  Waste of time. :)

Cleaning your car is also pointless.  Have truck cleaned only to then need a new battery and new windshield.  What’s the point of a clean vehicle unable to move.  Bathing people and cars lead to more mess and trouble.

We have the cutest little shark…shark

A certain way for 2 kids to pee their beds the same night is to brag that you have laundry caught up.

Shopping with the 3 Sprouts in ToysRUs for birthday gifts can actually be enjoyable, but the 15 min. after shopping that you spend searching the store for Aidan’s favorite, lost security blanket toy airplane is NO fun.

Visiting with Emma’s teacher at his open house provided great insight into what they are doing in school, however I’m afraid his “differentiated” classroom he believes in is not fitting to Emma’s leaning style.  Could be a long year. Yet she adores the teacher himself.

Emma loves hates spelling as much as her daddy and I.  She didn’t stand a chance with the genetics she was dealt.  Of course the 25 words per week list isn’t helping.  Especially when the majority are sight words in which phonetic rules do not apply. They only take one test per week.  A verbal spelling bee prior to test.  Winner doesn’t have to take the test.  Emma will never be happy until she is the winner…good luck honey.  Mommy probably couldn’t win. :)

I did learn that using a dry erase board really to practice words helps.  A bit less “permanent” I suppose.  She had been stressing with pen & paper b/c her paper was messy from scratching out her mistakes.

The website might be our saving grace in working on spelling with Emma.

Finding a church is difficult.  It is another example, like moving here, where God seems to be specifically directing me EXACTLY where I didn’t plan to go.  The move, a church and one other thing I feel he’s been directing me in ways opposite of where my head tells me to go.  Just FYI God…the 3rd issue…I will need much more specific directions and signs for me to fully listen.

Aidan is doing GREAT at story time.  He’s listening and attentive.  We worked on one thing at a time.  Sitting up close.  Sitting. Not playing with carpet square.  Staying out of teachers personal space.  Participating in songs.  NOT running under the parachute until the teacher says.  He did it all great this week!


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