Monday, August 30, 2010

Brain Spill

I’ve not done well on keeping up with the blogging. So here’s a complete random list of the weird, funny and perhaps boring events around here.  And yes it’s a list.  I’ve been pathetic about taking pictures.  As I type this I realize I never did a 1st Birthday post…of course I haven’t done the Bear & Isaac pic in months…what kind of mother am I!!??

-Emma (a.k.a the Fish) is loving school and is social as ever with her new friend Aaliyah.  Last Friday they were together all day at school, all night w/ a sleep over and then at our house all day Saturday!!  Emma invited her to church Sunday, but she wasn’t able to go. 

She has taken an interest in doing chores…unfortunately cleaning her room is NOT a chore she’s excited about.

Emma is our household fish.  LOVES the pool and is officially swimming w/out the aid of flotation devices!  I can not believe how in a months time she went from leery to full blown fish!

- Aidan (a.k.a. Sir poops.a.lot) is bored.  No 2 ways about it.  He cries for sissy the minute we drop her off until we pick her up.  I’ve even caught him consoling the dog “It’s ok Cracker.  Sissy be back soon”.  Potty training is still a chore with him.  At least for #2.  He had a real set back with the move.  He did inform me the other day (with a very accusing tone as if it was MY fault) that when he eats dinner he farts his poop out.  So, I guess taking away dinner is the answer. :)

I took the boys to story time at the library last week and we’ll try again this week.  There were so many kids and Aidan was leery to leave my side.  He loved the parachute at the end and the park we played at afterward. :)

Luckily Emma’s friend has a little brother Jovvani that is Aidan’s age.  We are blessed to have them live 2 houses away.  It helps with Aidan’s loneliness.  He’s been used to having sissy or daycare kids around his whole 3 years of life!

- Isaac (a.k.a Jaws) is gaining a new tooth all the time.  He struggles more with pain involved than the other 2 every did.  Of course the other 2 never had this many teeth this young.  Before moving to AZ he had never slept though the night.  Waking at least once if not twice.  With all the changes and impending move I decided to wait until settled to let him cry it out.  I was expecting the worse.  The very week of his Bday he would wake sometimes every hour or so…teeth I think were the problem.  So, once all visitors were gone I warned him…this is it buddy.  So on a Monday I kept telling him you’re going to cry it out tonight.  I braced myself for what would be a long evening.  Completely unbelievable, but from that night since he has been going to bed at 8 pm sharp and sleeping until 7 or after!!! No joke!  If I had known it would be as easy as giving him a lecture and warning I would have done it months ago!!!

- Me (a.k.a Scorpion Killer) I just finished ready a wonderful book! Redeeming Love.  I never considered myself a fiction reader.  I read The Shack a year or so ago and it was great.  The friend that recommended that book also recommended Redeeming Love.  Whew! Fantastic! Couldn’t put it down.  A bit of mystery/suspense (my fav) with a splash of love story and all based on a bible story!  It doesn’t get better than that!

Not much else happening in my life.  That’s my main struggle I guess.  I was so used to being busy in KS that I struggle to relax with our less busy life we have right now.  I of course miss my friends dearly and will be processing that MOPS will begin this week without being involved in it. :(

- Matt (a.k.a Lifeguard) is keeping busy at work.  He’s not been working nearly as long of hours as I had anticipated.  He did have his first trip back to OK for meetings last week. He did his first “yard work” last weekend weed eating the “grass” and leaf blowing the rocks.  He enjoys swimming with the kids in the evenings.  The pool layout is wonderful!  By 3 pm the shallow platform is in the shade and by 4 the whole pool is shaded!! Perfect for my pale skinned kiddos!

~ We’ve attended the same church for 3 weeks.  They mailed out a flyer advertising a sermon series on parenting.  We gave it a try.  The worship is awesome.  Sermons have been very good for our place in life as parents.  The kids really seem to enjoy their time in their “classes”.  I think we might try out a few different churches before seeing where He lands us.

~ Excited for our trip home for Thanksgiving.  The airline added Tuesday flights so we are pumped that we get to come Tues through Tues!! Time to see all family and maybe a friend or two!!

~ My goal is to do a sort of “home tour” by adding pics of a room as it become “complete” to the blog.  Last week was Emma’s Zebra room…by goal this week is our room and a 1st bday post.  So come back in a day or two!! :)


shondak said...

Ahhhh... I feel a little more caught up now! Miss you like crazy girl!

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