Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why does the fun have to end?

Life has been a count down since April.  My attention and eyes always focused on the next “thing” on the list.  The next project.  The next phone call to line up the next detail.

House bought. 


House sold.


House packed.


20 Hour Road trip over.

Relo complete.

Move In w/ help from In laws


*Shelves in closet, TV cabinet redo, island post removal, yard work, install 7 ceiling fans and many, many blinds…etc There were three workers despite the 4 drills.  Papa, Daddy & 2 for Aidan!*


*Some child labor laws may have been broken…*


*As well as another law…*


Emma started school.

Visit from my mom, sister, niece and nephew.

*Picking them up at the airport*


*Showing Mimi her loose tooth.  She lost it (in a blood bath) the next day.  Mimi has been with her each time she’s lost a tooth and been visited by the tooth fairy!*



*Isaac was lovin’ to see his Mimi*


*A combo Bday party for Isaac (1) & madison (6).*


*A night swim before they left.  They saw an airplane…thought it was theirs for in the AM.*


*Emma sporting the shirt Madison gave her and vice versa*


*Despite all the fun (and 1/2 a day without electricity) we did get one big project complete…details to come later :)*

Sister leaves and In-laws show up again with Sis & Bro In law and niece.

*More projects…Hooking up Skype on our computer. Skyping with Beth*


*Hanging Matt’s “baby”*


*Mimi & Grandma had school lunch with Emma.  She loved having them visit. Both of them work in food service (Mom school, Peggy prison…kinda the same :)) so they got lots of details on the running of the school kitchen…and the tasteless food.*


*No one will ever want to visit again.  Chris slaved away scrubbing on the pool, Dwain patching sheetrock, Mom, Mandy and Dwain painted our front door and shutters. Peggy and I directed the picturing hanging crew- Dwain. There was more yard work and some time spent working on the truck.  I got my hair done and all the girls went shopping to Home Goods….it’s bad news I was ever introduce to that place!*

On Thursday we celebrated Isaac’s 1st Birthday.  Sad attempt at a first birthday compared to Emma’s & Aidan’s. Poor third child. ( I can hear my sister now “boring cake, no pictures, etc, etc) :)  We also threw in a cupcake for Aunt Mandy who was celebrating her 3rd decade of life!DSC05347DSC05386DSC05357

A week full of projects and good times (excluding being stung by 2 of Arizona’s finest stinging creatures and vehicle break in) before they are off back to KS.                                DSC05320  

So, here we are.  The fun has left us. Just the 5 of us…in AZ. No visitors in the near future to prepare for.  Only us here. Day to day.  Still unpacking a bit. Despite no daycare and no church commitments we still seem to be busy with just settling in?  How did we fit it all in before?



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