Sunday, August 15, 2010

Emma My Big 1st Grader!

A short 10 days after moving into our home in AZ Emma heads out to her first day of school!  Where DID the summer go??

We took a day while Papa was here to watch the boys so Gma, Emma and I could do some girl school shopping.  The biggest shock was the clothing styles now that Emma is in the “big” girl section!!  I must say we only got a couple outfits and felt like we struck out in general.

We got the few supplies the teacher requested.  Much different than KS.  The state of AZ is required to provide the basics.  One of the biggest differences is NO backpack.  They wanted reusable grocery bags.  We attempted to find a cute girly one, but had no luck.  We ended up finding a pink, flowery tote.

Emma’s teacher is Mrs. Barnett.  An older teacher that after meeting at Meet the Teacher Night she told Gma “she speaks my language and is like my Mimi (gray hair)”.  The language thing she was very worried about.  I explained each day her first week that if they don’t know English that is why they are in school, so they can learn.

Here she is her first day.  I had to laugh at her outfit.  She chose it all…including adding the zebra scarf as a belt.  Much to her dismay they discourage flip flops so her toes were stuck in shoes!

My big First grader-


Stout Sprout Crew August ‘10-


Tartesso Tiger Pride-


Emma and Mommy- (Aidan is quite the photographer!!)


Emma’s 1st First grade teacher Mrs. Barnett-


Keeping with tradition I asked Emma what she wanted for dinner to celebrate the first of school…and just like last year she chose homemade pizza. :) (*to be honest this was actually the 2nd day of school.  we met friends and went out on her first day of school*)


Isaac This Year-                              Isaac LAST Year-

DSC052388.20.09 1st Day school dinner (11) 

What to do, What to do while the pizza bakes…



A great start to her school year!  She’s been a trooper with the move, the start of school and TWO teachers within the first week. Mrs. Barnett was a sweet teacher who she loved, however the class was super over crowded for even the most experienced teacher with 36 kids and after one week the school decided to split the class to reduce size.  Emma had made one friend Aleaha and was devestated that she might lose her friend and teacher.  We pointed out the positive side if she “lost” both.  Meeting another great teacher and making another new friend.  Aleaha lives 2 houses down so I’m sure their friendship will blossom.

Her 2nd week of school started with Mr. Doone.  She was very unsure of having a male teacher, but after the first day only had positive things to say.  She says he is funny.  He tells the class they are better than 6th graders (he previously taught 6th grade the last couple years & 2nd grade prior to that).  He also has Emma as the teacher helper- handing out papers, pencils, etc.  Right up Emma’s lil teacher alley! :)  Meeting him on the street I’d NEVER guess he was a primary teacher! :)


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