Thursday, July 29, 2010

Church Ladies

Not the “old, blue-haired, knee high falling down, potlucks with green jello and carrots, early morning coffee bible study” church ladies from my youth. My church ladies.  Gals that want to be young, stylin’, holding hip late into the wee hours of the morning bible studies and we’d never allow each other to bring jello with vegetables as a salad!

I was so happy that my “church ladies” took time from their busy schedules to have one last night out with me.  Totally sad that the timing of sick kids kept Audra away!!

We met at Chipotle, where I’m ashamed to admit at how proficient I have become at eating a football sized burrito!

 Chipolte girls

Pictured: (starting on the left)
Amanda M- A long time small groupie.  Her husband Kevin, the Koosers (Shonda on the right) and Matt & I have branched off small groups a couple times starting new group with new folks.  Amanda is super sweet. Her and Kevin are fun to hang around!  Always fun to tease Kevin of his phobia of eating white items and Amanda with her love of spreadsheets. :)  She has one of the most inspiring story as a mother and the complete acts of selflessness the role involves!!

Tamara- One gal I should have followed around a bit more!! Shoulda picked up some of that coupon clippin’ and organization skills!!  Her youngest Nicole is a friend of Emma’s.  Always reassuring when you have a friend that you can send your child to their home for a play date and not worry a bit!  Tamara always loved on my boys in the church nursery since the time they were tiny. Yet another sweet spirited friend God has given me!!

Amanda G.- Sad to think back to how long I’ve known OF Amanda dating back to our first days at FCC, yet only in the last couple years grown closer and even more recent our husbands connecting!  Amanda is one of those that I  think “wow I should be more patient, gentle, detailed and sweet spirited like her”. Instead she is a great compliment to my crazy, sporadic and whirl-wind self.  She is a devoted friend, loving mother with a genuine sweet heart that doesn’t enjoy drama…although her family provides lots of great stories!! :)

Shonda- Another long time small groupie.  She and Ken were softball players that Matt enjoyed playing co-ed softball with.  She and I have a connection of friendship that is indescribable.  One thing that makes Shonda and I different is probably her love of softball and my total undesired of standing in a hot, sunny dirty ball field! :)  I don’t really have the words at this moment, the time or quantity of Kleenexes to explain how we connected as sisters in Christ.

Girls I’m so glad you wanted to hang with me one more time before the chance was gone.  I miss and love each of you! Keep in touch!


Tamara McKee said...

Ok, so this made me cry and miss you and your whole family.

Amanda said...

Made me cry too! I miss you soooo much! Love you Lady!!!

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