Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another (college) Good-Bye

I’ve never been a fan of “good-byes”.  Maybe it’s my tried and true personality trait of procrastination.  Many times since April I have put off a good-bye if at all possible to wait closer to our time of leaving.

I was kinda spoiled in the last weeks of our time in KS with mini goodbye parties with friends.

My college room mate Karra was one.  She and I met back in ‘96 while I was still in HS, but would visit my brother at ESU.  Then my freshman year of college I roomed with her and another girl living as a freshman on an upperclass floor. 

She left college before I, but we remained close.  I was in her wedding a short month before she was in mine.  I was there as she welcomed home her first son, Brent, and she was there with motherly wisdom when I had Emma.  Three boys later for her and 3 kids of my own and unfortunately we allowed the 20 min. between us to make far too infrequent visits.

One thing we did start doing just 2 years ago was our Holiday Bake Day.  She operates a bakery out of her home and has tons of kitchen space.  So we decided it would be awesome to go to her house and bake up mass quantities of goodies to pass out during the holidays.  We each choose 2-3 of our favorite recipes makes a huge batch and share with each other.  GREAT fun and something I will dearly miss this coming holiday season. 

We had a nice dinner at Carrabbas.  Joining us was April.  Another example of how my friends have introduced me to some other great gals!!  I first met her 2 1/2 years ago at our first annual holiday bake day.  She too a new mother of 3 brought cute little Sophie (3 mo) to join our girls night out.


Karra  I will miss bunches!  There’s so much I could learn about cooking, baking and cake decorating from her!!  My kids bday cakes will never be as good as when we were close enough for one of her cakes!!  Thank goodness for unlimited long distance so we can continue our weekly phone calls!!


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