Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I’m needing…

so many thoughts and emotions as my last night in my home is ticking by.  The home I brought my babies home to.  The home Matt and I planned and had built together. (which was less stressful than preparing to move out of!!)

I need time.  More time to visit and hug friends of Derby that I will miss so dearly.  Why did it feel like I’ve waiting until the last week to squeeze in visits!

I need the knot in my stomach to fade and the peace I felt for the past weeks/months to find me.

I need a good cry probably…get it all out…a real ugly one with wrinkled face and all.

I need “normal” back in my life.

I need to stop thinking/wishing that I was 5 months preggers and preparing for the happy craziness of 4 kiddos…instead of packing, emailing, faxing, calling, organizing a move, grouching at my husband and kids and already missing friends and family.

I need the next 3 days to be as peaceful as the last 2 between Matt and I.  Makes it all so much easier when we’re on the same page working together.

I need to NOT cry as Emma is saying good bye to her friends.  I need to be as brave as her! :)

I need lots.  There’s more I could say and probably even something profound…but I MUST HAVE & NEED S.L.E.E.P!



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