Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Burnett Visit

*Little late getting this one posted…needed to find the box w/cds so I could post the last pic! :) *

My family came one last time the weekend before the movers arrived.  Not sure if it was to see us, or in Marica’s case, to get donuts!! :)

Mom helped refinishing the dresser we got for Emma’s new room.


Uncle Adam came and hung out for a bit.  A shot with all the kiddos…


and then one I love of he and Emma…


The kids had great fun with the playset (still sooo sad to leave it!!), the pool, slip n slide and believe it or not…a bucket!! 

DSC04983 DSC04987 DSC04993 DSC04996

Papa gave motorcycle rides.  I got on a bike for the first time.  At 12 mph I was at the max speed I’d ever want to be on a bike!!


Michelle and the boys came to visit as well!  So great to see them!  We’ve taken a picture of the boys every time we’re together since Aidan was born…

July ‘10-


May ‘07- (boys positioned in opposite order than above)

3 boys

Great visit and hopefully it won’t be too long before I see many of them again…and for sure at Thanksgiving!!


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