Friday, December 30, 2011

Whooooo’s Eight???

My first baby is now eight.  One can’t adequately explain or express how so very true the blue-hair-ole-ladies are that stop you in the store and say “enjoy them while they are young, the time passes so quickly”.

They of course seem to stop and say those things on the very day you’re ready to give your children away to the lowest bidder b/c they have been the naughtiest EVAH!! Or maybe that’s just me.

She is an eight year old little girl that I feel is SO very different than I was.  She is very outgoing.  Not afraid to be super social.  Very fashion forward and discusses topics of clothing, fashion & design like a teenager.  She spends most of her time crafting.  Anything with paper, scissors, glue, stickers, GLITTER glue, beads, fabric or string are her things.  She has a memory that is amazing.  Constantly singing.  Remembers lots of songs, and isn’t afraid to make up words to songs if she’s not sure of the wording…creates some laughs for us!

Any who.  We had her birthday party a bit early so her BFF who is moving back to TX could be here.  Wouldn’t be the same without sweet Aaliyah.  We had a great turn out for her late night OWL sleepover.

Here they are. (LtoR) Ameil, Aaliyah, Ashton April, Jewels, Ainsley & Emma.DSC09714

Although most of the night they looked like this:


Sweet little girl faces!!  She has the sweetest friends with the nicest families.


I made the cake.  First time making chocolate buttercream.  Where had that been my whole life!?!? A 9x13 trimmed in an oval “owl” shape frosted with above mentioned sinful frosting.  Homemade marshmallow fondant made up the eyes, bow, beak, leaves, feet & tree branch.  All was free handed and formed as I went along, so no patterns for plans for you. *Side note- very difficult to make brown fondant rolled and shaped to look like a branch/log shape without it looking like something that would make a preschool boy laugh in disgusting  delight! Use your imagination.  I found the key was to roll out the fondant and jelly roll it similar to rolling dough up for cinnamon rolls.


Emma now personally owns all craft, bead, jewelry making, glitter gluing craft set that have been manufactured….and a $10 bill that is burning a hole in her pocket.DSC09736DSC09740 

Speaking of crafts we made an owl paper & hand printing paint craft…DSC09732

and “crafted” homemade personal pizzas.


Eight candles blown out…half way to a drivers license. I shall go cry now.


And b/c no bday post would be complete without a trip down memory lane…

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Sarah said...

My Oh MY!!! I remember when she was 3 and she told me "mommy and daddy said I can't run around nakey once I turn 4, because 4 year olds don't do that." So precious!

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