Saturday, February 25, 2012

Over the river & through the woods...

or over the desert mountains, through the skies to Kansas we went logging the first 1000 miles of our journey.  The kids and I took flight Thursday, Feb. 2nd for a previous planned trip to KS. (previous as in before the move decision) The plans was to visit family between our usual Thanksgiving & Summer visits.  It also happened to be the time of the bi-annual scrap crop I used to attend. Yay! 

It was my first flight with all 3 kids since Isaac had turned two thus requiring a seat. That put Emma across the aisle from us.  She was a bit nervous about that but she managed with assistance from technology & snacks...IMG_1322

Aidan had a ball with wikki sticks.  I would HIGHLY recommend them as airplane entertainment!  An older woman behind him visited with him most of the way.  He shared his wikki sticks with her.


He was fairly certain we were above the artic and he could see icebergs.IMG_1323

Isaac decided the 4 am wake up to get to the airport required a mid flight snooze.


Thursday night we had dinner with our friends who happen to also be family (the Cannons) at the bestest mexican food place ever.  The food was good, but the highlight of the night was holding my newest nephew.  He makes my uterus think bad thoughts.  So sad I have no picture of me holding him...but my hands were happily too full for a camera. :)

The scrap crop was Fri – Sun and was tons of fun!  If it's hard for you to imagine 180 croppers together here's what it looks like:


You can see pics of my fav layouts from the crop HERE. Andy my first ever time at Ganza HERE.

Sunday after the crop I gathered the boys who were in a fruit snack coma from spending the weekend with papa to head to my parents.  This is the 2nd weekend crop Papa had boy duty.  They love their time spent together watching endless episodes of Power Rangers on  "Netfix" and eating kids food. :)

We drove straight to my brothers where the fam gathered for pizza.  We got to meet Mimi's new puppy, Abby, which my dog-a-phobic kids ADORE! Uncle Adam hosted a sleep over letting us crash at his place.  Monday Mimi took the day off so we hung out at her house having a great time laughing at the kids & Mimi playing Xbox games.


Monday night my cousin Diane came from MO to visit.  It was great to see her and nice to have her company Tuesday while I watched my kiddos and my niece & nephew.  That night I hosted a dinner at my parents house.  Friend Michelle came as well as the whole fam. Monday & Tuesday was full of strange feelings to know that Matt was in AZ emptying the house. Strange to know that what seemed like a regular visit to KS was actually permanent.  We wouldn't return to our house...or more so our friends.

Wednesday I took off from Melvern and drove south to my friend Karra's.  We spent the afternoon visiting.  Our visits always seem too short. Boo. By the time we made it to the in-laws Matt had already made the long drive to KS!! Yay!

Thursday we hung out at his parents.  Chilled, relaxed. Grandma gave Matt & kiddos pedicures.  Isaac took a "bath"?!?


Friday evening we had dinner with our friends the Koosers.  Another great, but too short visit with friends.  It's amazing how excited you can be to see old friends, yet forget to snap a single picture of your visit.

We picked up our two nephews after our visit in Derby.  They stayed the night with our kiddos and played all Saturday morning.  I can't help but sit and watch my nephew Alex play and wrestle with my boys.  He's now 10 yet it seems like just yesterday was a baby himself. Emma & Dylan were like always.  Joined at the hip like a day hasn't passed since their last visit.  I think she was thrilled to have someone else to play "house" with...finally a "dad" to help boss around her brothers.


The boys had to leave at lunch time.  That evening the Cannons came to see us.  The kids & cousin Libby had fun playing and I had fun with little Max! :)  Little guy is trying to find his voice...not sure you can hear it over my boys' commotion & Isaac's attempt to plug him with a pappy. :)

Someone was VERY jealous when his Mama was holding Mr. Max. Also if you can hear in the video Aidan is convinced Max is making a "snowman" (meaning snow angle...poor kid doesn't remember KS snow). And if it's not a "snowman" it's his "dance moves". :)

So sad to think next time I see him  he will not only be cooing more but sitting, eating foods & probably crawling :( Boo.hoo.


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