Friday, May 15, 2009

How'd that happen?

How did it happen that my baby is 2! What a very, VERY long first year he/we had...but this 2nd one flew by! A fraction of the Dr. appts that kept us constantly going that first year. He became a great sleeper. Didn't cry all the time!! It's amazing to see him now so happy and cheerful. Puts a smile on everyone's face and is the most appreciative little kid I've ever met! He has a please and thank you for everything! Hope that lasts! He's a cute little butterball. He's my mama's boy. He's still got that baby face. He's active, rough and tumble little boy covered in scrapes and bruises from all his motion. And (I think) sensing what is coming has become a cuddler in the last couple weeks!!

Should this next one be a girl Aidan will always be my only mama's boy, however if it's a boy I know Aidan will be the sweetest big brother and show the "boy" ropes to a new little guy!

Happy Birthday Aidan!


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