Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stout Sprout, Middle Sprout & Big Sprout

I forgot to log my info from my last OB visit. I went in last Thursday for my 1 hour glucose test and 28 week appt. So far I've heard nothing from them and they said no news is good news as far as the glucose test that mean I passed...I didn't with Aidan and as I swallowed the last bit of lemon lime yumminess I prayed it would be my last sip EVER!! :) (update: received a call while working on this blog...no diabetes, but low hemoglobin...take iron) I'm measuring right on which shocks me as I feel ginormous! The active little sprout had a heart rate of 153 bpm and the PA made her prediction, which matched Dr. Lowdens...Girl. We'll see if their years of med school has paid off! :) Then came the funniest part of the visit and perhaps any pregnancy I've had to date!!! She commented that if I didn't gain a bit more weight by my next appt I should maybe consider nutrition shakes to add some calories to my diet. Come again, say what?!?!? I can't think of a time in my life I've been advised to increase my calories!! Ha! This may be a Dr. order I don't follow!!
PT is going great! I must admit I was highly doubtful it would be worth all my time going and $$ for sitters, but I must confess...my back is feeling great! At first the pain only went away for a day or so and by the time for my next appt the pain was back. BUT yesterday I strolled in happy to report my back & sciatica was great!! As typical for me one problem gone leads to another. The lovely hernia I've had (& PT was supposed to be helping too) has now lead to my most recent discovery yesterday...varicose veins. I'll spare anymore details in case a male from my fam ventures on to the site ;)

As for Middle Sprout he had his 2 year check up today. Or his 2 year weigh in as we were calling it. His nicknames of "Chunky Monkey" and "Big Guy" describe him well and then I must admit in the depths of my heart worry me. Makes me wonder as a mom if I should have been feeding him differently or if there's something I've done to contribute to his size. Once the nurse measured him it put me at ease a bit. He was 36 in. tall and 34 lbs. So at least he's not a square!! That put him in about the 90 percentile for both. Better in my mind than 90th for weight and 30th for height!! The Dr. said if he continued to grow at that rate he could be 6'3" tall. Wow that would please daddy and make a great defensive lineman for football! Hehehe! He got his shots like a tropper and off we went. We celebrated his birthday with a family party last Saturday afternoon. It turned out to be a beautiful day great for the kids to play on the new play set AND we put the men to work digging post holes for our new fence!! The theme was Thomas and my friend Karra (great cake baker for anyone in need of a cake...) made his AWESOME train cake!! Aidan was showered with toys particularly in the kind with wheels!! Sum total of wheels on all his birthday gifts...62!!! He got an outfit, Tball set, shovels, water guns and a cars plate/bowl/cup set too!
Blowin' out the candles-
Most of the gifts...62 wheels and all!

Yesterday Matt & I attended Emma's preschool graduation. It was also affectionately called the Preschool Olympic Ceremony. I was running a few minutes late so I missed the fighter jet fly over. Ok really, no there wasn't a fly over, BUT this was quite the event! I'm all about making it a special day for my child...and it was. However, the mainly 1 woman show this became was nuts. The music and "readings" by the children- cute. The children walking up and down little steps to receive diploma- cute. Sharing the answers to the questions they asked our children- cute. The 2 page poem written to the teacher about the children of the mom aka graduation natzi- ok whatever. BUT the toast that involved preschoolers with champagne glasses- not so cute. Simply not what I expected to happen at my 5 year olds graduation at a christian preschool!! Emma did not partake and was the only child that didn't do so. Call us crazy parents. Maybe we're a bit fanatical. Who knows- Emma will maybe be a wino later in life and this time of us standing on our principles meant nothing. It just felt wrong. Highschools don't allow goblets at proms anymore b/c it could appear to promote drinking. This wouldn't have been done at a 8th grade graduation either b/c of the same reason. But it's ok for preschoolers? The church and school is a different denomination than the church we attend, so I'm not sure if that is how this came about, or I question if the leaders of the church and school were even aware. I do want to add that I like her teacher and believe that this spun out of control by a mother who was struggling with the fact that her "baby" was graduating preschool. So- you tell me. Were we crazy to feel the way we did??
Graduate Emma
Throwing of the Hats
Teacher Ms. Herman & Emma
Enough on that rant- although I could go on!! We learned that her favorite part of preschool was playing with blocks and she wants to be a cooker when she grows up. She was adorable singing and said her part loud and clear. Emma looked beautiful in her "handprint" t-shirt she had made and I sported my matching handprint t-shirt she made me for Mother's Day...oh yes...cute...photo evidence below...placement of a few handprints were..umm..interesting! :)
I think it's so cute how she's holding her tummy in this picture!! We treated Emma to lunch after graduation and then headed home for her to dive into the treat bag she got.


shondak said...

Teresa- We will pray for Emma NOT to become a wino... but I don't think this was the determining event! However...I commend you on your willingness to stand up for what you what you felt uncomfortable with your child participating... what a great example for Emma to experience (not to mention a roomful of other parents)! Love and guidance... not fanatical! Cute photos from Aidan's b-day and your handprint shirt did look cute on you! Oh yea... the treat bag how was that too?

shondak said...

Not that there is a "determining event" to lead her to have a drinking desire... I would be more worried about the wild opportunities she will be getting into with the preacher/cop's kid that she may be friends with during influencial years! Watch out! Pray now! He He!!

Teresa said...

I know...good friends with not only PK (precher kids), but kids of the law...should be interesting!!! :) Hehe! Thanks for the encouragement!

thepartridgefamily said...

Lots of info. to take in. Glad your appt went well. I agree I think it is ALL girl. Especially after seeing the belly in person.

The party went great and that was a lot of wheels for one day. He will love them all.

Emma's graduation looked cute. Way to stand by what you think. And I love the hand print shirts.

Can't wait for more updates.

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