Monday, July 13, 2009

Things Learned In a 3rd Pregnancy

Not finding out the gender of a baby can drive others more crazy than my obsessive planner self.

It can be 7 weeks out from due date before you realize that you haven't even thought about a coming home outfit!!
Each and every pregnancy can be totally different in every way. I therefore assume this child will also be totally different than the other two. Where's the predictability or comfort in feeling like you know what you're doing the 3rd time around? Why can't on the 3rd I get to choose what characteristics or behaviors this one will good infant like Emma, happy toddler like Aidan, sleep like Emma as an infant, like Aidan as a toddler, clear skin like Emma, normal foot size like Emma, cuddler like Aidan, appreciative like Aidan, etc, etc...

Even as an obsessive planner it is possible to be 7 weeks six weeks 4 1/2 weeks out from delivery and NOT have a name chosen. Seriously...I NEVER would have guessed. If someone had told me in December that it would be the middle of June first of July and still have no name I would have laughed!!! I'm not laughing now...

OB appointments can almost become a bore if it weren't for getting to hear the precious heartbeat each time. I feel like there should be a home test for the urine sample you have to provide each time. Can just skip the "how are things going?" question. Same ole, Same old. She doesn't really want me to say..."my back hurts, stomach is stretching and I don't think there's room, I can't eat much, or sleep, my feet are swelling, etc, etc". Isn't that what she probably hears all day. I try to keep it light hearted and conversational....except for the occasional concern about my hernia or varicostities.

Your uterus stretches quicker and is thinner the 3rd time around. Movements therefore are even more alien like and you seriously feel like the baby is JUST under your skin!

Worries about the baby's health are more frequent than with my first or even second pregnancy. Maybe hearing about other's stories, too much reading or time spent in a peds office makes you more aware of all that is out there. I'm very, very ready to see (God willing) my healthy baby. It's almost like the magnitude of the miracle that conception, pregnancy and birth are make me feel like we can't (ok...God can't) repeat that a 3rd time. Ok...I know He can and pray He will!

Labor is not a fear. It's a challenge I almost feel excited about. I do have worries. Hope the baby's position is such that it will allow for a natural delivery. No C-section the 3rd time around please!! The pregnancy was different, the baby will be...but labor...come on. I kinda think I know what I'm doing now!

I'm super excited to see if it works out to have my OB there. She was present for the other 2 births...3rd times a charm!

Kids have the wildest ideas of what the belly button is when pregnant. It's ranged from the baby's nose to the baby pointing with it's finger.

You can not swell one pregnancy, swell like the Michelin man on the 2nd and then not swell on the third. Was my 2nd my body's attempt at rejecting all the male hormones...we'll find out in Aug!!

You can have a list of names with your first...use one and none of them will carry over to #2. Then you can have a list with #2 and none of those names carry over when expecting #3. Weird?

I was really dreading comments like "You have one of each, why a 3rd?", but must admit I didn't receive as many (to my face) as I thought I would. Not to say I haven't had tons say "Are you done with this one?" :)

You think the first one's first year goes so quickly. Then you think your second pregnancy goes by fast. The third is a blur. I have lots of notebooks/calendars in place to help track the milestones for this third one anticipating time to speed up even more!

This body is 6 years older than when it carried #1 and boy can I tel! Sometimes I think I'll go from seeing an OB to a geriatric Dr.! :)

I'm sure there's much more I'll be learning even in these final weeks...


thepartridgefamily said...

Hang in there. It's almost over. You will come up with a name even if it is while in the hospital. And I am with you on putting in the characteristics order. You should be able to do that with your third. You will have a healthy baby and everything will go great.

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