Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First 2 Weeks!!

*Disclaimer- I must admit that this blog entry started out being titled "First Week" yet never got completed or posted. Soooo busy we have been!*

Wow! So much can change in two weeks! It was 2 weeks ago I was at the hospital with visions of a baby by lunch time and an extended hospital stay to recover and rest. Ha! Silly me for having plans when it comes to children!! Have I learned nothing from the first two!!??

Our first week with Isaac was a blur as I look back now. It seemed in someways that we spent a week in the felt as though lots of time went by. We got home from the hospital on Friday the 14th in the afternoon.

My MIL had kept the children at our house since Thursday evening. Aidan was still napping and Emma excitedly greeted us in the drive. I loved seeing her- after all she greeted me by saying I looked "skinny". Pretty sure my wonderful MIL had coached her in saying this. (Remember her fascination with how quickly my big belly would go away...she had recommended weight loss drug Alli- gotta love an honest 5 yr old!) MIL got a few squishes in on Isaac and she was off for home. My SIL brought us dinner and our friends the Koosers offered to bring dessert! Yum! It was part way through the visit with the Koosers that I started dreading bedtime. Matt & I were both so tired and the kids! Then a blessing from above...the Koosers offered to take the older 2 home for a sleep over!! Yeah! First night was semi restful. Isaac wasn't quite the sleeper he had been at the hospital.

Saturday greeted us with more visitors. My mom, brother, sister and niece came down for the day to meet "Izzy" as my brother has nicknamed him.
My SIL Mandy and her husband Chris also stopped by (it was Mandy's bday). They've been so close to our kiddos it was like old times having them come see Isaac. They also shared with us some of the most awesome news!!! Emma, Aidan and Isaac will have a new cousin in April! Yippie!!! My friend Karra, her 3 boys and husband also stopped in for an introduction to Isaac and left us some fabo cinnamon rolls.

Sunday we were brave and ventured out to church. We had a new worship "guy" leading and were very interested to see what he had to offer. His name is Jared Bayless...sounds so much like Jeremy Camp!! Very, super talented!! ( It was great to introduce Isaac to people at church! We came home and enjoyed lunch courtesy of my in laws. Matt's fav- Bierocks. Pretty sure I napped away the afternoon!

Monday was a "do-nuttin'" day. Took it easy. Isaac hasn't been sleeping as well as he had in the hospital. Has days and nights a bit messed up. He's up and discontent, but not super fussy. He's sleeping well from 2 p.m. - 10 p.m. then discontent from 10 p.m. until about 7 a.m. :) Scheduled Isaac's first appt. with the pediatrician.

Tuesday my old daycare kiddo Shelby came to play. It was great! She entertained Emma and Aidan!! Emma had her Kindergarten testing in the late morning.

Wednesday greeted me with a massive headache. I've been keeping tabs on my blood pressure after what I experienced post Aidan's delivery. It had been running 135/83 which is kinda high for me as my average is 90's/60's. I usually run low. My head throbbed and chest seemed to pound as I tried to nap. I did enjoy a wonderful nap b/c Matt took E & A to the zoo for the afternoon. Thank goodness! It had been so rainy in the past days and it cleared off just in time for an afternoon zoo trip! I did fell much better after my nap. Matt and I spent the evening dreading the morning. Emma's first day of Kind! Wow! So much change! She seemed excited! I had a sore throat as I went to bed- sad that the 1st week is over. Time just goes soooo quickly, Isaac will be 5 before I know it!

Thursday AM up and running! All of us getting ready to get out the door by 7:45! What a trip! We delivered Emma to Kind. with no need for the Kleenex I packed in the diaper bag. Emma did as I expected...went in, got to work, and looked at me like "leave mom!".
Matt and I kept busy which helped our nerves for Emma. We had Isaac's first Dr. appt. He weighed in at 9 lbs 12 oz. & 21 in. long. Pretty routine appt. Scheduled"boy" procedure for next week. We also went in for Isaac's 1st photos. We had taken E & A in at 1 week for pics of them neked in Matt's hands. I showed the lady the photos of E & A so she'd know what I was wanting. Little did I know it would take an hour to get Isaac to cooperate and get ONE shot that would match the others!! Oh my! Will post pic when I get them back. I was beginning to feel more yucky...

Friday and Emma is already "tired of this" referring to school! Oh wow! It's going to be a long 13+ years!! I woke feeling very, very yucky! Isaac woke at 5 am with snorty congestion and at 9 am with a crusty eye!! My plans were to go to Wichita Clinic Immed. care to get meds for my cold & congestion, but that would wait until Isaac was seen by his Dr. When I was checked in at the Dr. I noticed my blood pressure was even higher (150/101)...the Dr. confirmed & suggested I contact my OB. Long story short by night fall I was on high bp meds. It didn't get as high as with Aidan (180/120), but I had been keeping tabs on it as I noticed the unforgettable throbbing headaches I remembered from after Aidan so luckily we caught it sooner.

Saturday was my first trial at being home with all 3 kiddos. Matt had to work at his company's annual golf tournament fundraiser. I wasn't alone for long. Friends Michelle & Wayne (&Brandon) came to play in the afternoon followed by Mimi & Papa. I probably wasn't the best hostess as sleep deprivation was in full swing & my cold was worse & had moved into my head/sinuses.

Sunday Matt took the older 2 to church so I could get some rest. Then the in laws took Emma shopping, got Aidan down for a nap & ahhh nap for ME!

Monday & Matt is back to work. Mixed emotions with that. It was great to have him here and have his help, but I could totally tell he was ready to return to work- and I'll leave it at that! :) I managed to get Emma to school on time, but before you're impressed with that know that Derby has late start Monday, so that gave us an extra hour!! Aidan, Isaac and I made a quick Walmart run and then took it easy for the day.

Tuesday and Emma requests that school start in the afternoon so then she doesn't get so tired!! :) Oh, it's going to be a long year of school! Thanks to the blessing of my friend Audra Aidan stayed home & played with friends while I took Isaac in for his "boy" procedure. All went well and I'm so very happy that we are at the Dr. we are now!! We also did our 2 week check-up, which honestly I had forgot to schedule!! Isaac was 9lbs 13oz 21 1/2 in. Audra and I got some MOPS stuff planned out and had a great lunch. Isaac was a bit clingy all day and quite sleepy.

Wednesday brings us to today and the 2 week mark! Wow! I forgot to take my meds last night before bed and I was sooooo regretting that by 5 am as my BP throbbing headache had returned with missing just one pill. I paid the price all day as my body didn't seem to catch up and the BP went right back up. Today was rough as Isaac was quite fussy and Aidan continues to be a handful that hasn't figured out his new role as big brother and how to fill his time with sister gone. In a previous blog I had mentioned (while in a positive mind set) that after surviving Aidan's first year and seeing how quickly it passed and how happy he is now, I could handle if this baby was like him. WELL, I must say that was all put to the test today. He would cry and cry, started spitting up, and seemed as though his tummy was hurting even though he's pooing good and very tooty. With my hormones & not feeling the best I was emotionally drained. Of course precious Isaac makes mommy look like a liar to daddy b/c by 5 pm he fell asleep and only woke to eat at 6:30 and 9!! We'll see what tonight goes like!

I must say the one and only way we have survived these 2 weeks it by the prayer and support of family and those in our church family. We have been blessed with almost 2 weeks of meals brought in by friends in our church. Then there's those that have taken or offered to take the older 2 out for a play date to give me rest, babysat for appts., offered to get Emma to/from school, prayed for us or given nice gifts for little Isaac. I'm at a loss of what we'd do without the folks willing to be the hands & feet of Christ!!


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