Monday, August 31, 2009

Medical Hoopla Update

I can't seem to exactly figure out the best way to get this info out. I sent a message via FB last week, however I had to individually select each person and it maxes out at a certain number of people, yada-yada-ya SO I'm posting the update to the FB msg here for folks to view...

In my blog post the "First 2 Weeks" I took you up through last Wednesday. I mentioned that Wednesday my throbbing headache was returning B.A.D!

Thursday- Uneventful day. Isaac decided the swing is an ok thing! Yippie! Mommy went out with Shonda for about an hour to a open house for a Tastefully Simple open house. Yummy snacks! Daddy did super well with all 3 kiddos!!

Friday we took a quick jaunt to see Dr. P for Isaac. I was a bit worried about the healing of his wee-wee (pardon my word choice) and his cord is not drying despite them putting "acid" stuff on it to dry it up. My advice to all new mommies. I don't care what they tell you in the hospital. Use alcohol at each diaper change until it dries & comes off. We did with the first 2 and had no problem. The "new" way now is to do nothing. I'm not impressed with that method. The afternoon came with a dear woman from church coming over to watch sleeping Aidan and baby Isaac while I went in for my quick BP check at my fam Dr. Hahahaha! 3 hours later I came home to relieve Shonda who had taken over for Sue watching the boys. Thanks gals! Even with the prescribed BP meds my BP was at the highest point yet. So, more needles for lab work, doubled my BP meds, received a betablocker med to help with BP and the hypertension headache (a.k.a awful throbbing headache), AND a sono. Why a sono? Well I had mentioned to my Dr. that I was still spotting/bleeding more than I had with the other two. Even to the point of "gushing" when simply picking up the baby. With all my other issues she was not liking the sounds of it and ordered a sono. The sono did show pooling of blood in my endometrium lining. They said it wouldn't fix on it's own and a DNC was mentioned as an option. Oh- Great! Friday we met my parents to take the older 2 kiddos for the weekend. Give me a bit of rest.

Saturday Matt was on duty for work and had to do some driving around to stores to evaluate them and to visit with employees. Isaac and I decided to ride along. Isaac slept great as we drove around and I was able to work on my Thank You's and catch some shut eye. Kept me from being at home feeling guilty about my messy house and piles of laundry. About dinner time I was feeling really crummy. I had been having a sharp, shooting pain in my head above my left ear throughout the day in addition to the throbbing. I was a "new" pain and very uncomfortable. Sometimes intense enough to make me "twitch" when it would "shoot". I debated calling the Dr., but didn't until I got home and there was a msg from her asking how I was doing. I found out she was the Dr. on call so I gave her a buzz. Told her about my headache and she sent me to have my BP checked. She advised if it was more than 140/90 she wanted me to head in to the ER. Well a very nice EMT took my pressure and wowzers!! It was 178/118!! Higher yet! AND that was with my BP meds doubled!! So, much to Matt's dismay I believe, we head in to the ER. It really was a fairly short wait. They took my BP and it was a bit lower. Once checked in they gave me an IV pain med. Did nothing...didn't even touch it! Next was another pain med with a narcotic. It was what Matt referred to as the "kick me in the knee so my head doesn't hurt anymore" treatment. SO right! It made me feel as though my brain was burnt, ears about to rupture, oh so dizzy and very ill to my tummy. I laid in a slump crying and questioning what I was doing there. They FINALLY gave me some BP IV meds. Between that and the narcotic I was feeling very tired and the headache was a bit less evident. After about 4-5 hours there we were sent home with my BP meds quadrupled and the beta blocker doubled. Bless Isaac he was a handful there, but slept from 11:30 pm until 4:30 am!!

Sunday we took it easy at home. No church. I'm dying to go! To think I went when he was 3-4 days old, but can't at almost 3 weeks! In laws came by after church. Papa held Isaac and cared for him, while my MIL...and this is amazing girls....was allowed by me to do my laundry. While I typically find it very hard to accept help she asked a question that I couldn't lie in answering as evidence was everywhere around the house!! Her question "Do you need any laundry done?" Hahaha! Laundry! It's been enough to attempt to keep the house remotely clean for those coming to visit or watch the boys. So, I sat as she manned the washing machine & dyer!! Thanks Peg! Your love of laundry is puzzling to me...but I appreciate! In the evening my mom returned the kiddos. I was so happy to see them! They seemed to have a great time and transitioned back home well! It even sounded as if they were good!!?? Thanks mom- I hate for you to have to make that drive, but appreciate your help!

I went in today for a BP recheck with my family Dr. During my 2 hour visit my BP was up, down and all around each time they took it. She scheduled a sono of an artery for Wednesday and had me double my dosage of beta blocker. So, I officially feel old. 4 BP pills a day and 2 beta blockers, plus the iron supplement and about to finish the antibiotic from my cold. Am I 80? :) All this for the person who usually doesn't even like to take tylenol!! The Dr. had set an appt for me to see my OB in the afternoon. It meant taking the 2 boys, but I was willing to pay that price for a free day tomorrow. I couldn't have asked the boys to be better behaved! Even precious little Aidan wanted to "hold my hand" while the Dr. did her exam! He was so sweet! I think he could sense my nerves. Her final word on the bleeding/uterus issue...let's wait and see. Since my ER visit on Sat...and my requests for prayers from all you Friday bleeding went from gushing when picking up baby to NOTHING on Sat. Answered prayer, coincidence, meds?!?! Hmmm.... Anyways the Dr. doesn't want to put me through a DNC unless absolutely necessary. So, we'll wait and hope it all stays away!

What a relief. I feel I can now focus on the BP coming down to get this headache under control. Super excited that tomorrow I have NOTHING!! Yeah! Just my boys and at home. No Dr.!

I thank you all for your prayers! Thank you to everyone who has watched or offered to watch the boys! I'm so looking forward to feeling recovered and spending good time with them! It's been very difficult for me to shuffle my 2 week old to so many different people! Isaac's been watched in 2 week by more people than Emma and Aidan in their first 6-12 months!! Our family has been surrounded by prayers, support and help from so many! I really feel undeserving of it all! I keep working on my thank you cards, then people keep helping thus I have to keep adding to their thank yous!! God Bless and love to you all!


NeniaDawn said...

Praying for you still, love...Can't imagine all the stresses u are under...And handling it with such grace too! Hope things start looking up and what a blessing on the bleeding situation!!! God is so good! :o)

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