Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Start of a New Week!!

Oh, I am ready for Monday! Due to sudden recurrence of heavy bleeding on Tues. evening I am set for a D&C on Friday AM. Although I'm very frustrated with some of the staff at my OB's office & the overall handling of my case I guess I'm ready to get it over with and hopefully start next week with a healthy uterus and BP that is continuing to drop. (Yes, irregular BP readings, yet nurse assures me it's ok to be knocked out for the procedure!?!) So, here's to getting better and perhaps enjoy a bit of time with my kiddos before the extra ones come back!!

Hard to believe Isaac is three weeks already! Him turning 1 month might stir the same emotions as Emma going to school! I've gotta find a "Happy" place that I go to so I don't dread each of his milestones. BUT darn! It's sad...he's my goes so quickl
y...and I'll never get it back! I can't snap enough pictures or take enough video to soothe the feeling of time passing & him growing at mega speeds...oh that need to hold on to his tiny, tiny precious little body!


Chris said...

Good luck on Friday, and let us know if you need anything at all. Tell Emma I said "Hi", and we'll be up soon to see her. ;)

shondak said...

What a precious picture! Isaac is so adorable! DO enjoy the moments! Praying for the procedure in the morning! Love you friend!

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