Friday, September 18, 2009


Again a little slow getting to this, but doing my best to NOT fall into the "3rd child gets nothing" trap! I WAS super prepared for the birth announcement.  Even looked up gender neutral, boy & girl ideas on the web prior to delievery.  I worked on the address list of folks I'd be sending them to.  Then the birth came, mommy fell apart and here we are!  I'm posting it here before I snail mail it out b/c I just ordered them so by the time they are in and I get them sent...well they might as well be our Christmas cards! :) Hehehe!

I must share that my friend Ruth made this announcement.  She is simply amazing at creating announcements, Christmas cards, invitations, etc.  She did Aidan's announcement and our Christmas cards the last several years. She can make a beautiful card using my random snapshots and she also is a very talented photographer herself!

So here it is..

Funny story about the photo shoot for this.  Isaac was all tense having Matt hold him 1/2 naked in his arms for the newborn shoot at Penney's.  YET, for this photo shoot Isaac was sound asleep 1/2 naked in the back of a Tonka truck in the backyard AS the ice cream man drives by playing obnoxious music!?!? :)
Thanks again Ruth!  You're the best!


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