Friday, September 18, 2009

Isaac ~ 1 Month

I'm a couple days late gettingthis posted.  Isaac turned 1 month last Saturday.  I could ramble onabout how that seems so very, very impossible.  Poor little guy has onlyhad 1/2 of his Mama his first month here!  I'm trying my best to changethat!  So here's the scoop on Isaac this first month...

.: Stats- 11 lbs 3 oz.& 22 in long
.: What You're Wearing- wearingsize 1 diapers, starting to outgrow those newborn outfits, and honestlyfitting tooooo well into the 3 month ones!

.: Firsts- parade (Atlanta Labor Daycelebration), BIG fireworks display (FCC Fall Kick Off)

.: From Head to Toe- cord almosthealed.  Yucky stump fell off about 2 weeks ago, but they left so much asmall section has had trouble healing.  After repeated fussiness followingeating you're on meds for silent reflux.  Mommy finds it challenging tokeep your nails trimmed and your hair "non-greasy". :)

.: Loves- (starting to) swing,Mama's arms, eating, SleepWrap, takinga bath, looking at Sissy, snuggling and being wrapped/swaddled, being outside

.: Dislikes- tolerates bouncyseat, dislikes a slow moving car (45 mph & up is good!), not beingheld!

.: Eating- 4 oz every 4 hours,recently switched to Sensitive formula

.: Sleeping- You...not somuch me!  In general you go down about 10 p.m. until 1 a.m. and then up toeat.  Back down about 1:30 or 2 a.m. and wake again around 5 a.m. to eatagain.  After that last feeding you rarely end up back asleep unless it'sin Daddy & Mama's bed where you generally sleep until we leave to takeSissy to school.

Misc Tid Bits:
.: super close to smiling...atleast mama thinks so!
.: you've been to church twiceand from here on now that Mama is better hopefully you'll be there weekly!
.: VERY strong head.  Duringtummy time we swear you're trying to be mobile.  You get strong enough ormad enough to squirm around pretty good!


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