Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mini Shower

Last Friday I was "Pampered" with a shower by some close friends at church. It's a busy time of the year so several gals were dearly missed, but the 7 of us that were there had a great time! Two of my fabo MOPS leaders Audra and Amanda G., 3 small group gals Amanda M., Kim & Lisa, and of course my only sis Marcia all blessed me with some goodies for the coming Stout Sprout. It was not an easy task I'm sure since we've been stubborn and do not know the gender!! Didn't stop my sister! She got me the cutest pink and brown onsies, a complete- fill in with pics- 12x12 scrapbook and a quilt in the softest of pinks and greens! She's very brave and apparently sure of this being a girl!
The other ladies went together on some lotions & potions for me and a gift certificate to get my tootsies pampered and then for the Sprout a gift cards which will be super helpful to get a few items now and once we find out what this baby is!
The shower was great fun! We all had so much fun chatting and were spared any corny shower games (hehehe Thanks Amanda!). It might go down as the latest baby shower on record, but get us all together and we can talk for hours! There was also awesome.delicious.totallyyummy food keeping us there! The best fresh fruit, queso dip, cake from Bagatelle (that was like our wedding cake), fresh raspberry lemonade, and oreo balls. Yes. Oreo Balls. Need I say more? Wish I had been on my game and took more pics!!
So, a thanks to Amanda for hosting, the girls who were unable to attend but contributed and to the gals that were there!!! I'm so blessed! Your gifts are so appreciated, but even more is the blessing I feel to have you all to call friends. The gifts like a listening ear, an encouraging word or offer of support just when it's needed are priceless! I will be a better mommy to E & A and this new baby because of the love and support I gain from each of you!

Group Shot

The adorable PINK scrapbook from my sister!


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