Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Annual Leaf Pictures

Each year when home for the fall festival my sister, Marcia, & I…


plan a photo session among the that have changed to the most beautiful shade of orange and found their resting place beneath the row of maples that line a street off of Main near the park.  Each year we get more beautiful pictures than the year before, although with the addition of more children group shots are more difficult!!  Here’s a few from 10/09.

             A shot of my three & Marcia’s two.  A cute group!!              (Madison & Emma 5, Dallen & Aidan 2, Isaac 2 months)


This year 3 of our cousins (Beth, Diane, & Megan and our aunt) from Missouri joined us for the weekend.  Here’s a shot of the MO girl cuz with the KS girls.

All the Girls

One of Beth & Diane together that screams Christmas card picture!! Gorgeous!

Beth & Diane 

Although Beth & Diane are twins…Diane & I are cousin twinks! Ok, except for drinking grape flavored beverages, but I think she’s coming around.  :) Being the oldest female cousin I always enjoyed helping with the younger cousins.  Diane, from the time she was 2 or 3, was always very attached to me and we still are!  It’s hard to believe she’s a Jr. in college! Despite my begging she hasn’t moved to KS…yet…


A few random good pics…my nephew Dallen has the most stunning eyes…full of orneriness! Then there’s my big girl Emma!! She’s such a poser! 

Dallen ColeEmma Tree

Somehow I have none of my niece Madison except the group shot, photographing Aidan is nearly impossible unless you want an action shot, it was kinda chilly for Isaac. 

On my next post…the favorite of my three!


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