Monday, November 2, 2009

Baking With Her Bestie

Our fall festivities began with Emma having a friend over for a baking playdate.  We started with *endless* hours of trying to get the pumpkins just right in these cookies…

10.21.09 Cookie Baking (5)

Next, was rolled sugar cookies. The girls helped roll the dough.  They played during the baking & cooling process.

10.21.09 Cookie Baking (10)

Then on to the fun!  Icing & decorating!  Here’s Aidan using his popsicle stick to eat spread icing on his cookie.

10.21.09 Cookie Baking (25)

I think the girls favorite part was coating decorating  the cookies with sprinkles.  Wow!

10.21.09 Cookie Baking (27)

Emma & Avery are so cute!  They are quite a pair.  Knowing each other from church & then being in the same Kind. class they’ve become quick besties!  We even have to coordinate their lunches (sack/school) so they can sit next to each other at school.  The teachers have commented that when one is gone (sick..or to Disney…which Avery did invite Emma to go, w/out asking her parents!) the other is sad & lost.  They also enjoy seeing each other at church!

10.21.09 Cookie Baking (3)

They girls took cookies for their teachers, but no worries.  I’ve been a teacher…*I* decorated the teacher’s cookies!

And no post would be complete w/out a shot of Isaac…he was a perfect angel the whole time I was covered in flour & attempting to keep the other 6 little hands out of creating a bigger mess!

10.21.09 Cookie Baking (7)    


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