Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Festivals

Each year I take the kids to my home town for the annual Fall Festival. It usually falls the weekend before Halloween.  The festivities include a craft show, costume parade & contest, hayrack ride and haunted house.  Matt came along this year, but spent the day with my brother tailgating & attending the KU football game.

Aidan, the tough defensive line football player, wasn’t thrilled at the costume parade…

10.24.09 Fall Festival (7) 

because of this guy…

10.24.09 Fall Festival (9)

Can’t say I blame him!  Isaac was the hungry football! Luckily he fit in the costume, I thought I made it big enough…but when he stretches out it’s juuuuust right! He’s so sweet!

 10.24.09 Fall Festival (8)

My awesome cousins chaperoned the hayrack ride this year. They’re such a great help!  They are not allowed to have children of their own until mine are old enough to help them.

10.24.09 Fall Festival (13)

Each year the kids and I beat tracks home from the Melvern fall festival to attend our church fall festival.  The kids walk around and play carnival games and earn candy…lots and lots of candy.  Here’s Emma with the Kooser girls!   

Whew!  It’s always a great weekend! Great memories and great photos…in the leaves…pics to come soon…


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