Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend of Thanks

Thanksgiving collage

I really do love the Thanksgiving holiday!  Yes, the turkey is great and this year I really loooved stuffing (yes, a craving – no, no baby!) But why I really love Thanksgiving is because I get to see family that I do NOT get to see at Christmas time. BOOhoo! It’s always been a tradition that we spend Thanksgiving (actually the Sat. after) with my mom’s side of the family.  My mom is the oldest of the 8 Brennan (yes count them 8! how did Gma do it?!?) kids so I believe the “tradition” began b/c the weather is often unpredictable for everyone to travel from various locations at Christmas time.  (BTW those various locations range all over OK, KS and MO which is important to know later in this post!)

This year we began turkey festivities with my in laws in Atlanta (not as in Atlanta, Georgia).  It was a great time and loved watching my A-doooor-able niece get super excited about mashed taters!! She is a doll with kissable cheeks, even with mashed taters all over her!  It was Isaac’s first Thanksgiving of course and he was a champ.  Downed a bottle while we ate and then slept or about 4 hours!
Did someone give him that sleep inducing turkey??!!

Friday late morning we headed off for my parents.  This year the Brennans were gathering near my parents/sisters to help work on some projects for my brother’s new crib.  He became a first time home buyer the first part of the month and has some remodeling to get done before he can move in.  Which when you team my mom’s brothers with my dad’s brothers some major plumbing & electrical work can get done!  Then you put a paint brush/roller in my mom and my aunt’s hands and Whew! You’ve got progress.  Can’t say I helped much.  Did dream up the ceiling fan “remodel”.  Adam bought a brushed nickel light kit to put on his nasty old bronzy ceiling fan.  YUCK! A little brushed nickel spray paint and bam!

We took a bit of time on Saturday afternoon to start what I hope to be a new tradition.  (after all it’s not like there was ANYTHING worth watching on TV…KU who? Mizzo who? Jayhawks vrs Tigers? seriously!?!?!) My sister and I gathered the supplies to make gingerbread houses!  Madison and Emma (the little girls) had great fun plastering, coating decorating their houses with candies & sprinkles. I think the “older” girls (still little in my eyes- 2 of which are terrible “Mizzofluences” on my child!!) had fun too!  Brooke, Megan, Beth and Diane created what appeared to be a train, cottage, and house.  My sister even joined in the fun creating a nice… umm…Whiskey Tango (W.T. a.k.a. White Trash) trailer complete with her dirty white van!  It was a hoot!  More pics in another post about all that!

A gas angel made sure we got home safe and sound.  As we stopped along the turnpike to get gas (at the ONLY place with in 30 miles) we discover they are OUT OF GASS! WHAT!?!?!?! So, after many prayers we pulled safely into a loyal and trusty QT.  We drove about 15 miles with our truck registering 0 miles to empty!! Whew! I did NOT want to be left on the turnpike stranded with 3 kids while Matt huffed it for gas!  Home about 11 p.m.  Church the next day and the start of the holiday decorating process! Yeah!


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