Wednesday, March 17, 2010

7 months

Isaac 7 months

.:Stats- 21lbs at the last appt. for pnemonia follow up

.: What You’re Wearing- 12 months, still size 3 shoe…getting close to a 4

.: Firsts- sitting position to crawling position, back to sitting, first bump on your gums with a tooth trying to come in, big photo shoot with cousins and then 2 weeks later for 6 month pics,

.: From Head To Toe- your hair is actually getting a bit long!! it flips and curls a bit, still fighting you rash among all your chins- all the drool from teething makes it worse, got a bump on your gum where the first tooth is trying to make it’s appearance, still have an adorable smile and “bright” eyes, you can get anything in your mouth you touch, like chewing on your toes when they are bare

.: Loves- chewing and drooling, pulling off your socks, sitting and rocking on your hands and knees..or feet when in the bear crawl position, chewing on pacci, playing the back and forth game- when Gma holds me I want Mama, when Mama has me I want Gma, bouncing in the saucer,

.: Dislikes- the bottle not in your mouth instantly when you wake in the night, that you are not able to actually gain forward movement when trying to crawl, green foods [not sure where you get that! :)], mommy’s face leaving your sight,

.: Eating- still not a fan of  green foods, but will tolerate peas without shivering now, like rice & oatmeal cereal with fruits, eating 2-3 meals a day with bottles every 4-5 hours

.: Sleeping- our early bedtime boy!  gets fussy about 7:30 in bed shortly after 8!  Sometimes only wakes once about 3 or twice about 1 and 4.  Pluggin with pacci sometimes works to get you to go back to sleep, other times I’ll still give you a bottle.  I can get one good nap out of you each day and it’s usually in the AM with 2 shorter afternoon naps.  When you do wake in your crib you often times play and play before making noise to get our attention!


Lyndsey said...

Hey Teresa,
Thanks for the nice comment!! The bunk beds were super easy to finish!! I used navy blue color - I actually got it from Walmart it's called Stargaze in semi gloss - I bought the Color place brand - it was only 13.00 I think and I still have 1/2 of it left!! Then I sanded the edges - I do this on all my kids furniture because then I am not disappointed when they scratch it - which they already have done a ton. Then I went over the bed with a glaze- I use the miniwax kind but anything will work. The kind I bought also had a sealer in it so it makes it look rugged and it will protect it too!! Hope that helps - let me know if you have any more questions!!!

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