Monday, March 22, 2010

Crazy Trek to San Antonio [Part 1]

Well we started out at 5:45 on Tuesday evening for our trek to South Texas.  Back of the truck loaded up most of the contents of our home, a small sleeping quarters if needed, Ms. GPS lady, snacks and drinks we were ready to hit the highway.  Here’s a shot as we’re all happy, excited and non tired.  Well ok I was tired from late nights packing and preparing for the trip (hence no photo of me as we were leaving).  Aidan and Emma had fun working on a worksheet packet I had made for her all themed on ocean animals.


II blindly held my camera back and got this shot of the most awesomeness traveling baby EVER!


The stud-a-riffic marathon driver hubby.


Aidan was asleep by the OK line as was Isaac. We made a quick stop in OK City to see my Meg!!  It had been waaay to long!  We had an awesome dinner at Cheddars (I’d highly recommend for the food and the price!)  before dressing the kids in jammies and setting up the dvd player.

 Meg & I

Aidan and Emma watching Monsters Vrs. Aliens.  Emma and Isaac only made it about 30 minutes into it.  Aidan hung on until the end of the movie about midnight before falling asleep.


About the time everyone was asleep we had to fuel up.  Not sure where we were, but near a huge casino along the interstate.  A quick fill up and all sleepers kept dreaming- as did I anticipating that at some point I’d need to relieve Matt.

We stopped in Dallas about 2 am so Matt could get a snack, stretch his legs, and wake up a bit.  He stopped at a QT travel plaza so he gassed up on the last bit of “good gasoline” for the trip and toured the HUGE QT. At this point Aidan got stir crazy in his car seat. “Get me outta here” he said. I held him while parked at QT and then (with much worry) laid him in the very back where I had left enough room in case of  a cranky sleeper. Isaac was ready to be fueled up as well.  Topped him off with a bottle.

About 150 miles outside of San Antonio Matt caved in and asked me to drive. I was a bit worried stopping would wake all our sleepers…but it didn’t. Matt slept for an hour…about 4-5 a.m.  While driving I realized we were going to hit SA earlier than expected so slowed down a bit so the kids would continue resting. Total time driving plus stopping in OK city was depart Derby at 5:45 pm and hit SA for breakfast at 6!!  We found an IHOP for breakfast and the waiter was shocked a fam of 5 was up and out for bfast at 6 am.  He finally asked and we told him we had drove through the night from KS. :)

Breakfast didn’t take very long so we had no where to go and ended up in the zoo parking lot and hour early!!  Wow! We’re never early!  Matt rested while the kids attempted to occupy themselves in the car they had been in for 12 hours!! Yeah…that didn’t go so well!  When Matt awoke the zoo parking lot was super CRAZY!  We thought maybe a new zoo exhibit had opened…they line was long or longer than when we went to the Tiger exhibit opening in Wichita!!  I asked a zoo worker and they said nope…just spring break! The zoo was worth the wait! Parts of it were better than the Sedgwick Co. zoo…and some parts wasn’t quite a good…but the entire zoo was beautifully landscaped.  And OH to see green grass and flowers in bloom!!  Not to mention the perfect temperatures!

Aidan with his favorite animals…the Dingos.  Or as Emma used to call them…Kamingos. This is him saying “dingOs”!!


Anywhere we go Emma is obsessed with having her own copy of the  map! 


WARNING what you are about to view is the most PRECIOUS baby face EVVVVA!!!


The most precious baby face with his mama!  He was actually doing anything possible not to smile!! Lil’ stinker!


The SA zoo had several of my favorite animal.  And they had them closer than our zoo.  Does this animal not demonstrate God’s creativity!!  The legs and back end are like a zebra, yet the face and ears are like a giraffe…and has a long neck…just not as long as a giraffe!! So unique!!


Aidan’s highlight.  The train!!  It was so cute!  The train took you around the outer zoo grounds Brakenridge park and near a museum and golf course.  It went through a tunnel, over several bridges and on several occasions went through intersections were cars stopped and everyone waved!! 


Here we are going over one bridge…ugh…I need to get over my anxiety about my kids and water…


Isaac slept through the entire train ride!!


We left the zoo and the hotel didn’t quite have our room ready for early check in so thanks to Ms. GPS lady we located a Chick-fil-A.  It was St. Patty’s day so the kids got free green balloons that had Chick-fil-A coupons in them.  Too bad we don’t have one close in KS!!  We arrived to the Hotel about 3 and we all Matt took a rest before cleaning up to go to dinner.  Yet again Ms. GPS gal helped us find Rainforest Cafe on the Riverwalk…but this time we were on foot!  Tell ya that GPS thing is awesome!  The wait for dinner was 1 hour 15 min! Yeah…with 3 kids in a very small location and tons of people!! E, A & myself tried to walk around a bit to kill time but it was St. Patty’s and the place was crazy packed!! Single file line walking everywhere and need I mention we were very close to the water…another time in which my anxiety with the kids and water cripples me!! :)


Dinner was great.  The restaurant was in a 3 story building so not quite the atmosphere of the others I’ve been to (KC & Vegas), but the kids still had a good time.DSC03164

It was great that we walked to find Rainforest Cafe because it took us right by the Alamo.  The kids were less than thrilled about some old building…but we tried to explain the history behind it.  It’s pretty at night. 


We didn’t get back to the hotel after dinner until after 9 p.m.  The kids did so great all day considering their night of sleep was in their car seats, up early, zoo all day with little nap!  We heard no peep out of Isaac they whole trip except when he was hungry at 2 a.m.  I fully expected a “Are we there yet"?” from Emma before the OK line and didn’t!! We tucked them in with a movie and were asleep before Matt got the movie started on the TV! Tired babies!!  Matt heard on the news that night that it was the busiest day on record at the SA zoo.  Glad we were a part of that history! :)  Matt and I passed out shortly after the kids…restin’ up for the big day at Sea World!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

7 months

Isaac 7 months

.:Stats- 21lbs at the last appt. for pnemonia follow up

.: What You’re Wearing- 12 months, still size 3 shoe…getting close to a 4

.: Firsts- sitting position to crawling position, back to sitting, first bump on your gums with a tooth trying to come in, big photo shoot with cousins and then 2 weeks later for 6 month pics,

.: From Head To Toe- your hair is actually getting a bit long!! it flips and curls a bit, still fighting you rash among all your chins- all the drool from teething makes it worse, got a bump on your gum where the first tooth is trying to make it’s appearance, still have an adorable smile and “bright” eyes, you can get anything in your mouth you touch, like chewing on your toes when they are bare

.: Loves- chewing and drooling, pulling off your socks, sitting and rocking on your hands and knees..or feet when in the bear crawl position, chewing on pacci, playing the back and forth game- when Gma holds me I want Mama, when Mama has me I want Gma, bouncing in the saucer,

.: Dislikes- the bottle not in your mouth instantly when you wake in the night, that you are not able to actually gain forward movement when trying to crawl, green foods [not sure where you get that! :)], mommy’s face leaving your sight,

.: Eating- still not a fan of  green foods, but will tolerate peas without shivering now, like rice & oatmeal cereal with fruits, eating 2-3 meals a day with bottles every 4-5 hours

.: Sleeping- our early bedtime boy!  gets fussy about 7:30 in bed shortly after 8!  Sometimes only wakes once about 3 or twice about 1 and 4.  Pluggin with pacci sometimes works to get you to go back to sleep, other times I’ll still give you a bottle.  I can get one good nap out of you each day and it’s usually in the AM with 2 shorter afternoon naps.  When you do wake in your crib you often times play and play before making noise to get our attention!

Friday, March 12, 2010

32 Part 2

So to continue on with my post about my fabo birthday…

Before Matt left town he took me to dinner at Chipotle.  So glad my tummy had recovered from IT to be ready for the football burrito! :)

Knowing Matt was scheduled to be out of town my friend Karra [college room mate & bridesmaid in my wedding- mother of 3 crazy cute boys] asked if I’d be interested in getting a sitter and going out for dinner.  Don’t have to ask me twice!!! Sure!  We chose Carrabbas b/c she loves the place and so do I, and Matt doesn’t…so it made perfect sense!  April joined us.  She’s a new friend I’ve met through Karra.  She has taken part in our annual holiday bake day held at Karra’s each December.   Despite the way the photo looks April IS the only one expecting. [5 weeks out to be exact…seriously?? my face was as swollen as her belly when I was that preggo!!] I was however over stuffed on chicken parm & alfrado…AND bread AND salad AND hot fudge sundae. [i didn’t request the sundae…they brought it to me for my bday…i was not about to be rude and turn them away…after all there are starving children in this world so who am I to let food go to waste?!?!]


What a great dinner it was!  I seriously can not recall the last time Karra and I had been together w/out any children. Surely it wasn’t when she was baby shopping prego with Brent??? Was it??? I mean that was 7 years ago! Anyhow we stuffed ourselves with good food and great conversation.

A final shot are the beautiful and cheery flowers Ms. Jocelyn, my daycare princess gave me.  How sweet! They brighten this dreary day! 


Thanks to all the FB well wishes, texts and phone calls.  I’m sure there would have been a few tweets if I were a twitterer but I’m not :)

So here’s to next year!  33.  Never been one for odd numbers.  Have lots of plans to make it a great year full of family, friends & fun…with a bit of working out to reach that goal!

Thighs of Steel

To begin this is not a post about my thighs…as that would not be nearly as cute as this…

For optimal viewing pleasure tilt your head to the left.  Actually just rest your head on your left shoulder. Enjoy watching Isaac perform his most favorite exercise which must be the reason his thighs are so plump…

Me so cuuuute…

Isaac Saucer

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I almost hate to rave about how great this unwanted birthday was since my husband was out of town for it. So, to clarify it was great but not great BECAUSE he was out of town. :)

Wow.  There’s no sneeking in a birthday when you have FB!!  I say it was an unwanted bday simply b/c it seems impossible to be 32.  It’s almost as if time froze in my life when I had children.  I still think/mentally feel about 25.  Where did the last 6 years go and why did they take my brain with them??

It was literally 3 weeks ago when I was all bummed b/c I hadn’t been to the gym like I had wanted.  I then decided that my goal was to work really hard over the next year so that when I turned 32 I could say “Wow, this is the best shaped I’ve been in for a long time!”  About 30 seconds later and some quick math I realized- wait I’m 32 in 3 weeks!! AHHHH! So, I guess the goal will be 33.

I remember when I first started teaching the ladies I worked with were about 32.  They had a couple kids.  Seemed…not OLD, but mature.  Looking at them I felt they had it all together. Wiser. Experienced.  Stable.  Assured.  And it definitely felt like it would be a loong time until I reached that age.

Well it wasn’t long.  It was a blink of an eye.  So why is it at 32 that I don’t have it all together.  Do not feel wise on most any thing.  Feel less experienced at some things than even before.  Stable? Assured? Are you kidding me??!!  There are so many things I feel I’m JUST getting started on. Things I’ve yet to learn.  Things that I’m just learning about myself…and/or finally deciding to work on fixing, improving, repairing, or growing.

I think it’s great timing this bday.  It comes at a time where I’ve been lost in many deep thoughts lately.  Situations brought on some by stress, thinking about where I am, who I am and ways in which I need to change.  But instead of just being lost in those thought's I’m in a place of actually planning for change.

Knowing where and WHO to draw my strength from. Seeking the right guidance. Ignoring or at least praying away all the feelings of guilt and sadness.  Not listening to the calls to compare, judge or worry.

Well more on that tomorrow complete with a few shots of my day…but for now it is bed for this old lady.  Soooo sleepy….night!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Isaac says…

vueomgnvyudklenhgf!!  Was Isaac’s first blog post on his laptop!! What does it mean you ask???


vueomgnvyudklenhgf!! is baby for…


I’m CAuuuuute! (As you can clearly see in above photo of his first sink bath!!)

Bug: 5, Us: 0

This was a very odd week/weekend.  It was exciting because it was the end of Emma’s basketball and Crosstraining programs thus freeing up our evenings a bit as to not feel rushed here and there.
Worked out Tuesday.  Felt great
Wednesday took Isaac to quickly have some 6 (and a half) month pictures taken.  I had low expectations after the crying he displayed for our photos with cousins a few weeks earlier.  However, he did GREAT! He just smiled, and posed, and smiled some more.  Great for memories, not so great for my wallet! :)
Wednesday night was a long and sleepless one.  Aidan was up lots in the night and then I heard what all moms dread.  A wet sounding “cough”.  Thus beginning the trickle of a sicky bug passing through the fam.  Aidan was lots better by noon on Thursday.  Isaac spit up quite a bit Thurs. AM and napped lots. We got Olive Garden per Matt’s request for dinner to celebrate his Bday.  Shortly after eating it I became sad realizing I would be reliving one of my favorite meals!!  Another long night. By Friday morning I came to one sad conclusion…I’m to old to puke.  My body ached, and ACHED all day!! How “thathetic” (Emma’s new word of the weekend…)
Friday AM I decided to keep Emma home from school as I was certain she’d be sick before the day was over and she could be my helper until she fell sick.  I was saved by my sister in law as she took Isaac.  The movement involved in taking care of him proved too much for me!  With failed attempts to sleep I rested on the couch all day with more Disney and Nick than I ever care to be near again.
Much to my surprise Emma never got it!  Saturday was a new day and I felt alive again.  We went to Emma’s Upward BB ceremony in DSC02980
the AM and decided to enjoy the fresh air and run to the zoo.  DSC03023
(Leopard…don’t think we’ve ever seen him up and moving)
(Cute lil’ monkey…chewing on his pacci) 
(one of the zoo’s newest additions…red panda…we think it looks like Cracker!)
(Emma among the lions.  Aidan was to scared.  He said the little lion growled at him.)
(We had never witnessed the tortoise training.  It was neat.)
We had the pleasure of running into Chris, Mandy, Libby and Gma TT. So don’t see them often enough!!
Upon arriving home from the zoo we found our house had been ransacked by a 6 & 2 year old intruders.  After 3 hours of cleaning Emma and I decided to go to see the Derby High school performance of  The Wizard of Oz.  One of my former students had a supporting role.  It was great to see him as such a successful high school young man!
Emma enjoyed the performance, especially Glenda the good witch.  There were parts she didn’t get as she’s not that familiar with the movie.  Besides the children loud, flying monkeys behind us it was very enjoyable.  It was a laaate night.
Sunday brought church.  I taught Sunday school early service attended church 2nd service.  Then IT happened.  As we were leaving Emma got IT! GREAT!!! Not exactly how I want to use my days off work, however that’s the life of a mother.  She ran around all day.  Appears fine, yet will make a dash to the bathroom for false alarms.
Waiting to post this until Monday AM leaves me to report IT has officially got ALL of us.  My tummy was upset as I went to bed and not much of an appetite this AM, Aidan was up with dirty Pullups through the night and now Matt lays sick in bed. As he is trying to gear up for his busiest 3 weeks at work in months.  Starts back teaching classes this week.  Has a 5 day trip out of town planned.  Back for 2 days and then we’re all off to  TX!!  Back from there for a few days of work for me to leave town and he’s on duty.
At least we all have it and can get past it now.  Maybe it’ll be a bit of a weight loss program for me. since I’m not making it to the gym. :( 
Ready for Spring Break…TX here we come…then…Bring on April…fresh air…sunshine…flowers…green grass…
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