Monday, March 8, 2010

Bug: 5, Us: 0

This was a very odd week/weekend.  It was exciting because it was the end of Emma’s basketball and Crosstraining programs thus freeing up our evenings a bit as to not feel rushed here and there.
Worked out Tuesday.  Felt great
Wednesday took Isaac to quickly have some 6 (and a half) month pictures taken.  I had low expectations after the crying he displayed for our photos with cousins a few weeks earlier.  However, he did GREAT! He just smiled, and posed, and smiled some more.  Great for memories, not so great for my wallet! :)
Wednesday night was a long and sleepless one.  Aidan was up lots in the night and then I heard what all moms dread.  A wet sounding “cough”.  Thus beginning the trickle of a sicky bug passing through the fam.  Aidan was lots better by noon on Thursday.  Isaac spit up quite a bit Thurs. AM and napped lots. We got Olive Garden per Matt’s request for dinner to celebrate his Bday.  Shortly after eating it I became sad realizing I would be reliving one of my favorite meals!!  Another long night. By Friday morning I came to one sad conclusion…I’m to old to puke.  My body ached, and ACHED all day!! How “thathetic” (Emma’s new word of the weekend…)
Friday AM I decided to keep Emma home from school as I was certain she’d be sick before the day was over and she could be my helper until she fell sick.  I was saved by my sister in law as she took Isaac.  The movement involved in taking care of him proved too much for me!  With failed attempts to sleep I rested on the couch all day with more Disney and Nick than I ever care to be near again.
Much to my surprise Emma never got it!  Saturday was a new day and I felt alive again.  We went to Emma’s Upward BB ceremony in DSC02980
the AM and decided to enjoy the fresh air and run to the zoo.  DSC03023
(Leopard…don’t think we’ve ever seen him up and moving)
(Cute lil’ monkey…chewing on his pacci) 
(one of the zoo’s newest additions…red panda…we think it looks like Cracker!)
(Emma among the lions.  Aidan was to scared.  He said the little lion growled at him.)
(We had never witnessed the tortoise training.  It was neat.)
We had the pleasure of running into Chris, Mandy, Libby and Gma TT. So don’t see them often enough!!
Upon arriving home from the zoo we found our house had been ransacked by a 6 & 2 year old intruders.  After 3 hours of cleaning Emma and I decided to go to see the Derby High school performance of  The Wizard of Oz.  One of my former students had a supporting role.  It was great to see him as such a successful high school young man!
Emma enjoyed the performance, especially Glenda the good witch.  There were parts she didn’t get as she’s not that familiar with the movie.  Besides the children loud, flying monkeys behind us it was very enjoyable.  It was a laaate night.
Sunday brought church.  I taught Sunday school early service attended church 2nd service.  Then IT happened.  As we were leaving Emma got IT! GREAT!!! Not exactly how I want to use my days off work, however that’s the life of a mother.  She ran around all day.  Appears fine, yet will make a dash to the bathroom for false alarms.
Waiting to post this until Monday AM leaves me to report IT has officially got ALL of us.  My tummy was upset as I went to bed and not much of an appetite this AM, Aidan was up with dirty Pullups through the night and now Matt lays sick in bed. As he is trying to gear up for his busiest 3 weeks at work in months.  Starts back teaching classes this week.  Has a 5 day trip out of town planned.  Back for 2 days and then we’re all off to  TX!!  Back from there for a few days of work for me to leave town and he’s on duty.
At least we all have it and can get past it now.  Maybe it’ll be a bit of a weight loss program for me. since I’m not making it to the gym. :( 
Ready for Spring Break…TX here we come…then…Bring on April…fresh air…sunshine…flowers…green grass…


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