Monday, May 24, 2010


That’s how long it’s been since I updated my blog.  I go and dump earth shattering news and then vanish!!  And the title also shares with you how long it seems to take to get info and get "the ball rolling”.  So, here’s what I’ve been up to…

- MOPS: has ended.  My “reign” as MOPS coordinator has come to an end.  It’s very sad for me.  I truly believe in the ministry and have enjoyed meeting moms and watching them grow. BUT I’m SUPER excited that God has provided many new and willing leaders to take over!

-Bible Study:  My late Tues night study grew from like 5 of us to almost 30!! Crazy.  I hadn’t planned on attending, but I was convinced by 2 friends that I MUST do the study!  I had to be convinced as the 6 week study was starting about 6 weeks ago as my world was crumbling.  Boy am I glad I did!  I must admit the homework I’ve not given as much time to, but the videos are amazing and speak to me each week.

-Matt’s last board meeting:  Matt’s roles in the church have come to an abrupt end.  There was one short month between our accepting the job and he leaving each week for training.

- I’ve struggled watching friends and family I love struggle with the emotions our decision has surfaced.  This has been a real lesson in how much our friends love us and accepting our family can be!! It’s sad that it’s in my coming absence that I now see the deep importance of time spend with family and friends.

- I apologize for my lack of updates on all “this”.  I’ve hesitated so many times posting updates because it could be very confusing to the reader…one day I’m on top the world seeing God’s hand all over this…and then there’s other days where I’m shocked, scared and fearful and blinded to any purpose or positive effects this could possible hold. But most importantly even in my deepest moments of fear I imagine/dream of telling Matt to stop the entire process and retract his acceptance of the job…but strangely enough that just doesn’t feel right.

- I’ve apologizing to Matt for my up and downs…wishing I was that wife he could say things about like “she’s handled it with such ease, she’s been super supportive and is very excited, her lack of stress makes this easier for me, and she’s so willing to deal with the relo details like it’s nothing!”

-Our little Kindergartner had her end of the year program.  She has 2 1/2 days left.  Where did the year go?  I’m not old enough to have a 1st grader!?!?!?

-Starting May 19th Matt is gone more than he’s home it seems.  What training he’s been to has him pumped up and ready to start.   He’s had nothing but positive comments about not only the job, but the people he’s working/training with.

-We finally have our AZ trip scheduled.  My mom has been gracious or crazy enough to take on our kiddos.  We’re hoping the 4 1/2 days spent in AZ will result in us finding our future home!  We I have been doing LOTS of looking online and have a realtor working with us now too.

-The house is close to hitting the market later this week.  My poor mother will probably bear the brunt of showings as she will be here the week following being listed!! Yikes! So, do you know anyone looking for a 4 bdrm house set up for kiddos!!???

- Hope to spend some of my down time on our AZ trip to prep for VBS!!  I’m in charge of the preschool program and have lots of ideas I need to get started on!!

- Another end for me is closing my daycare this week.  I am super busy this week so I think that will help me be distracted from the reality of that!  I’ve been so blessed in my 5 years of caring for kiddos!  My oldest child in my care will enter Kind. in the fall…I’ve had her since she was 9 months old.  All the others (3,2, 1.5) I’ve had since birth!  It also brings on the reality that we are now a single income family.  I’ve NEVER not worked in our married life and always worked one job with babysitting on the side since I was…oh I have no idea….throwing a newspaper, babysitting, working at the nursing home, PCA in college, and then my dream of teaching.

So the ball is rolling.  First inspector today, another on Wednesday, appraiser or 2 later this week.  First legal docs signed and sent in.  More coming tomorrow.  Lots of little things to do and one biggie to finish house painting!! Should pick realtor this week and get a sign in the yard!! Yeah!!!


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