Friday, May 28, 2010

9 months of change

I never imagined that just 9 short months after having Isaac and starting Emma in Kindergarten that on her last day of school we’d be listing our house to sell in preparation for a move!! Crazy change that only God could have done in my heart to bring us where we are!!

Below is my big girl on her first and last day of Kindergarten!!  Not a lot of change physically except a little bit of baby cheeks are gone, but TONS of change in her “personality”.  She knows more little recess rhymes and chants to jump rope or “patty-cake” to.  She is reading.  She learned some songs…that we’d rather her not know.  Escaped Kindergarten w/out Santa, Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny being exposed and no learning of any “4 letter words”.  She’s a total teacher pleaser and LOVED her two teachers- AM Ms. Beckwith and PM Ms. Brookes.  She never pulled a card even once…well there was this one time, but it didn’t go on her “record”. When I asked her last night what her favorite part of school was I was NOT surprised when she said “when we did arts and crafts”.  That’s my Ms. artsy Emma!

First & Last Day

It is a bit sad to think she will be leaving her little friends behind.  Avery in particular.  They are close little friends!  They were all the other knew when starting school and enjoyed their time together at birthdays, play dates and recess.  It was a typical little girl relationship that was filled with  a bit of “love/hate”.  Drama city.  I often wondered what Avery’s mother and I would be in for 10 years down the road.  She’s been very brave (more brave than I!) about the move and making new friends!!  We’re looking hard to find a great school!

To think that on her first day of Kindergarten Isaac looked like this…

8.21.09 Isaac Snoozin

and is now doing THIS… (lighting not good…yes it’s Emma reading in the background!)

You blink and nine months are gone, then a year, then two years and next thing you know we’ll be getting her cap and gown…the graduation kind…not THE gown…Matt can’t handle discussing that!! :)

Now to see what the next 9 months hold…


Sarah said...

Isn't it odd that just next year I'll be a college student?

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