Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hey kiddos (& anyone else that cares what we’re up to in AZ)!!  Here’s what mommy & daddy have been doing all week…

Flying over the Kansas clouds…so pretty and puffy! Daddy had the window seat!!


Kansas from the sky…


The airline we got on in Colorado puts a picture of an animal on each of their planes…


We got a cheetah plane!!!  On that plane was a off duty pilot from Phoenix that was so nice and filled us in on where to live/not to live and shared some great places to eat!!DSC04094

Flying over the snowy mountains of Colorado…DSC04099 

Past the mountains of Colorado…flying over the mountains was much easier than driving through them!!


Look at the fields in Colorado!!  They are in the shape of circles!!


Approaching the airport in Phoenix.  Here’s one of the first mountains.  From the air they look like big piles of dirt that have been swept together.


These are cacti!!!  So strange to drive down the road and see them!  Don’t touch!! Ouch!!


This is the view from our hotel.  We’re on the top floor!!


Here’s where we’re staying…since I know you LOVE hotels!!  The arrow shows our room! Daddy will save the key for your collection!


Here’s when you know you’re in the middle of the desert.  Mrs. GPS didn’t even know what to tell us…she couldn’t even find the roads!!


Daddy turned around b/c all we could see was dirt and weeds…and we NEEDED gas!!


We were excited in our driving to see a tractor!! Reminded us of Kansas!  There’s actually more fields here than we ever imagined!!


Here’s a picture of Daddy’s new work place.  To the right of the picture is a HUGE corn field!!  He has pretty view of the field and mountains from his office!


Outside our hotel (allll week) has been a car show of Studebaker cars.  OOOOLLLLD ones, sporty ones, colorful ones, not so fixed up ones and even a golf cart that looked like one.  I think Uncle Adam and Papa would have had fun looking.  More and more cars (and old people ;) ) show up each day. This was Daddy’s favorite.


Tonight there was also a biker rally near the hotel in West Park I think it’s called.  A shopping & eating area in walking distance from the hotel. We went to see a movie.  Mommy actually got to pick the movie….and I must admit it wasn’t very good!


There was a big sign advertising the new movie we need to see soon…thought Aidan would like to see it! :)


Tomorrow we revisit these 2 houses and look at 3 other new ones.  Then it’s decision day to figure out where we will live!!

This one is in a neat neighborhood with a school for you near by!  The neighbors next door have 2 kids and a baby on the way!!  This one has the space we need…an amazing mountain view in the back…and well…some other special things in the back yard you guys will LOVE.  Not the best picture to show the huge front door and porch…

There’s also this one.  Very, very nice on the inside.  Not as great of view…and noting in the backyard until daddy gets here and works his magic…

Not sure about the other 3….2 are in areas we’ve not looked at yet.  Prayers and prayers that we chose the right house.

We miss you very, VERY badly!! I hope you are all doing well for Mimi!!  She’s probably tuckered out by now so take it easy on her!  Can’t wait to see you all on Sunday morning!!  Take care and love you bunches!!


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