Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Casa…

I think it’s safe to say this is our new home.  Our offer has been accepted and the first inspection (second one soon b/c utilities weren’t on  at the time of the first!!) gave good results. Here’s the tour I can give with the photos I have…we were so overwhelmed we forgot to take pics of some rooms!!!

Here’s the front. Notice the plush rock yard!!  Several of the plants and bushes are actually very pretty, however with no drip system on right now most of them are dying and will certainly be dead by mid July!!


A closer look at the front.  The big windows will be the boy’s bedroom and the smaller window in the spare room.

Front (2)

Walk along the garage to the front door.  Two windows into the garage and one in the den.  Nine foot front door is green and matches the shutters, but they need repainted.  I’m thinking brown…Front Door

Ready for a wreath and a welcome sign!

Front Door (2)

Standing in the entry.  Large windows to the right.  Kitchen through the arched door way.  Arched “nook” is in the dining area.


Dining area with french doors leading out to a side “patio”.

Dining Room Close

Shot from the living area.  Front door to the left of this photo.  Stairs going up.  Den through archway.  Doors in the hall are to the garage, hall bath and storage area that goes under the stairs.

Closer look at hall.

Hall closet bath garage

Half bath downstairs.

    Half Bath 2

Kitchen!! Yeah!!!  Doesn’t have as large of pantry I was hoping for but all the space under the island is storage!!  We have new appliances on order.  To the left is the living, dining, den area.  To the right is the largest patio doors I’ve ever seen that lead out to the back yard.


Closer look at the kitchen area.

Kitchen Close Up

This is what I call the undecided room.  It is connected to the kitchen.  The photo was taken standing by the bar.  I’d like to to be a smaller tv room with a loveseat, chair or something.  (above fireplace is wired for a tv) To have the kids in the same room with me while I’m cooking is ideal.  Matt thinks dining which the floor lends itself to with kids.

Not Sure Room

I know a fireplace in AZ!?!? :)


Now back through living and up the stairs…

At the top of the stairs is a loft which will probably be used as a second living room/playroom.


Standing in the second smaller loft area (scrapbooking space) taking a photo toward the top of the stairs and the loft pictured above.  Down the hall on the right is toward the front of the house and has a linen closet, laundry room, hall bath and 2 other bedrooms. To the left is Emma’s bedroom door and then further to the left is the master bed/bath.

Loft Spaces

The master.  Windows overlooking the backyard.  Arched door on the right leads to the master bath.


My only picture of the master bath!! HA!  That’s Matt and our realtor.  Matt is looking at his first home improvement project!!  EVERY.SINGLE.HOUSE down there has a little cheapy mirrored medicine cabinet right next to the monster vanity mirror!?!?!  It has a full set of cabinets under the vanity…plenty of space for medicine to NOT need the little inset cabinet!! Luckily the mirror is broke on the cabinet so it needs replacing!! ;)

The master bath has a double vanity, soaker tub, shower, walk in closet and potty room. There’s a window facing the back of the house and the south side of the house.

Master Bath

Overlooking the back yard from the master bedroom. Half pool - half “grass”.

Back Yard

View from the master.  Backyard, preserve lot behind us and the mountains are the “Stout Family Mountains” according to Emma!!

Master View

Spare room- only w/out a walk in closet...but has a nice BIG mirrored closet doors ;)

Spare Bedrm

Boys’ room closet.

Boys room Closet

Boys room…hard to get an idea of the room with nothing in it…

Boys Room

Back downstairs.  Patio that runs the length of the house. Patio doors into kitchen.  Windows further down are in the “fireplace” room.


“Grassy” patch on one side of the yard.  Hopefully we can squeeze a swing set of some sort on there…


Matt’s requirement…Pool 2

My requirement…a fence/gate with lock…

Pool & View

A view from the back corner of the yard.

Back of House

Wellp that’s it until Matt is back out there next week and can get some pics of what we forgot! (laundry room, hall bath, garage, south side of the house, Emma’s room…)                      


Heather Leslie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I can't wait for us to come and visit and swiw in the pool!! :) And how much I LOVE the kitchen!! I agree with you on making the space by the kitchen a little room with a tv and kiddos space to watch them while you are cooking. you can always put down mats on the carpet! LOL! ;)
YAY!! I'm so happy that you found the house you LOVE!!

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