Friday, June 4, 2010

Kindergarten Program

**I found this in my blog drafts…forgot to hit publish, so this is from May 17th!!**

Emma’s school held an end of the year Kindergarten program last week.  She was excited for weeks learning the songs and singing parts of them for me.  We were lucky to get front row seats…although I think we were a bit close for Emma’s taste! :)

They started with the longest song ever…”Who Let the “A” out a, a, a Who Let the “B” out b, b, b, Who Let the “C” out c, c, c, Who Let the …. You’ve got the idea…Emma was the “Z” :)

Here’s some video of her 2 favorite songs…

This one she said would make me cry…for some reason the sound and video are off…


This was one Emma loved to perform…

I feel so sad her first year is over.  I don’t feel I took advantage of the time.  I have so many little learning games and activities that she literally out grew this year!! YIKES! I was warned time flies once they hit school years!


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