Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Great Weekend!!

This was the first weekend since the craziness of THE move that we had very little planned. Thought Saturday might be a day of getting little projects down here.  So we thought!

Early morning email check informed us that our AZ contract should be starting on Monday!! Yippie!!  We left early Sat. AM b/c we had a 9:30 showing.  We went for donuts (Matt’s first time actually going to Squeeks! unreal!) and then headed to Cassoday to get Aidan as Camp Mimi was over which I’m sure Mimi was happy about! :)  Before we even got to Cassoday we got a call for another showing for 11:30, the 9:30 people wanted to relook!! 

While eating lunch I run into a friend from my teaching days and her family!! It was great to see them! Another one of those cases where I wonder why I haven’t made more of an effort to see them BEFORE we decided to move!! After we ate lunch with Mimi we got a call for another showing at 1 pm the people from Friday afternoon wanted to look again!! Yeah!!

Before we reached Wichita- another showing at 4:45!! Crazy!!  We enjoyed a nice dinner with a fellow QT Arizonian family that was back in KS visiting.  After dinner we stopped by to see Matt’s brother and his family in town from Chicago for the week.

Church Sunday was sad to say good bye to a MOPS friend who’s one of those people that is always a joy to be around.  Her enthusiasm for life and passion for God is amazing.  She has mad skills as a designer of blogs (my makeover to come soon) and T-shirt designer for her shirt company.  It will be sad to follow her adoption journey via her blog and facebook, but will be exciting none the less!! 

Church was followed by a good ole summer family gathering in Atlanta.  We had just walked in the door at the in laws when I get a call from our KS realtor.  !?!?!?!??!?!  He was calling with the 2, yes T.W.O. as in 1, 2 or dos (as Dora would say) offers!!!  All I can say is thank goodness for there being 2 to chose from.  The first was sad and pathetic to be honest.  Wanting thousands off the house price, us to pay all closing AND remove the playset and all the rock under it!! Really??!!  The second was right where the realtor thought we would sell for.

This is the first time since last August that all of Matt’s family had been all together.  Enjoyed the standard Stout taco salad dinner, lots of swimming and yummy strawberry shortcake.  Got home with just enough time to wash up some laundry to get Matt packed for Arizona.  His first day working there.  He will fly back in Thursday just in time for the festivities in Melvern.

Funny how the weekend  unfolded. We had just been discussing on the way to meet mom Sat. AM how discouraging it was that no one had made repeat visits to the house and dreamed of how wonderful it would be if we could wake up Monday morning with a contract rolling on each house.

God’s timing is perfect and everything in this entire journey has supported that truth!  I feel myself getting anxious about the timing on different things and it seems the more calm I remain not only does everyone around me suffer less, but things almost seem to happen faster.

The buyers for KS house wants to close the 19th of July, we will probably not be able to close on AZ house until the 21st at the earliest.  Not perfect timing, but doable.  Very doable.

I’m a bit sad we’ll only be in AZ one week before Emma starts school, but much better than a week AFTER I suppose!  So it appears Matt and Emma will both start work and school the same day! Emma and change don’t go well together so she’ll need lots of love and support to keep the drama and nervousness away!!

**This post was typed on Monday morning, however my “God’s timing is perfect” idea was strongly being challenged.  My attitude has been adjusted and now ready to post this!! :)


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