Monday, June 28, 2010

Update on House

Here are the rooms we forgot to take pictures of on our first trip to AZ.  Matt was out there for work last week and was able to get back to see our house!! No fair!! I was jealous!!

Much to my surprise I didn’t even know the layout of our upstairs!!  I was mixed up on where the hall bath was.  At the top of the stairs toward the front of the house is Laundry room and then bathroom on the right, front bedroom straight ahead, and spare room on the left.

Here’s the bathroom on the right and bedroom with the windows.

Front Bd & Hall bath

Hall bath.  Sink & potty on the left, window straight ahead and shower on the right.

Hall Bath

Shot in the mirror of the shower and window.

Hall Bath 2

Laundry room.  Matt says it is larger than he recalls.  Has a built in shelf.

Master Potty-Yuck (4)

Another view of the master.  Windows facing the back of the house behind camera. Toward the door and you can see the entrance to the master bath and the nook in the bedroom and bathroom.

Master Bedroom

Master vanity.

Master Vanity  

Master vanity & tub.

 Master Bath 2

Tub and shower.  Master closet to the right of the shower.

 Master Bath (2)


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