Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait!!

So the waiting game begins.  We found the house we think is for us.  However, it’s different when dealing with bank owned properties, so we won’t really know much until the middle of this week.

The house is THE house I found a few weeks back and wanted to buy sight unseen w/out Matt’s permission.  I knew I loved what I saw in pics, but Matt was unsure.  The first day of hunting took us to 4 houses and of those 4 it was our favorite.  So, in true important decision shopping (i.e. Wedding dress…usually one of the first ones you try on is THE one, but you torture yourself by trying on 20 more!) we looked at 15 more houses on Wednesday.

Thursday was left open for a visit to QT, testing some morning driving traffic and researching towns and schools. Thursday night we picked 2 houses to re-look at and 3 houses to see for the first time.  House one and two were busts.  House 4 was our #2 pick.  House 5 was one we hadn’t seen before and Matt liked…well maybe loved.  House 6…the final house of the day was THE house.  I’m proud to say w/out any major swaying on my part Matt loved it and decided is was just the house for us.  We discussed an offer and headed back to the hotel to wait for the realtor to email us the offer document. 

In the mean time we crunch numbers and I log on the computer.  On a whim decide to look at any new listings or updates on our realtor website.  GUESS-WHAT!?!?!  They had dropped the price on the home!! This kind of stuff never.ever.ever happens to us!!  I call the realtor so giddy he could probably not understand me.  THEN I log into my email and there is a response from a gal I met on a forum online a month ago.  I had emailed her about the very neighborhood THE house was in.  She had nothing but wonderful things to say about the neighborhood and wanted to know when we’d be moving to give us a proper welcome!! Wow!!! How very nice!

So the downer…the official offer will not be submitted until Monday AM.  Our realtor was worried if the listing realtor found out there was an offer he might tell perspective buyers of the weekend thus they would make their offer higher than the banks asking price and there fore higher than our offer.  Very common practice in the market in AZ.  Our realtor is confident that with us putting a higher % down and using conventional financing we would look like a more stable buyer than many others that might put offers on.  We can only hope!!

I’ll share pics and the story on why our realtor thought we were crazy to buy in that area once we officially have an offer accepted.  Let’s pray it is b/c Matt and I don’t agree on houses #2 or #3…pray for speed through all the buying process.  The bank wants 30 days to close…and that’s about ALL the time we got!!

As an update Mimi survived the stay with the kids…poor lady was put through the ringer I’m sure!!  I’m grateful that she as well as my in laws are here when we need a place for our kids and fur-kid!! Thanks!!!


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