Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grandpa turns 85!!

We had great fun traveling to MO the first weekend in May for my Grandpa Brennan’s 85th birthday party!  I was so glad he could make it as the day before he fell and was banged up complete with a broken wrist!  He was still in physical therapy for his injured shoulder from a previous fall!  Wishing him a speedy recover!  He’s always been a very active guy!

We met outside of Crane MO near my aunt Lisa’s house at this nice little spot.  There was a covered, screened in building with a small kitchen and bathroom. 


The kids had tons to do…

Play down at the creek-


Swing on the tree swings-



There was also a “jumpoline” (trampoline) and swing set with slipper slide and teeter totters. 

We had a yummy dinner of BBQ and all the fixin’s followed by birthday cake of course!

Here’s the man of honor-  Luckily as scared as my children are of Santa, they aren’t scared of Great Papa!


First time in a while that all 8 of Grandpa’s kids have been together-


All of us…Grandpa his kids, grandkids & great grandkids- (minus Stacy, Jenny, Nathan, Amber, Melissa, Chris & Sabastian)DSC03660

Grandpa with just the great grandkids-DSC03664

Other cute pics from the beautiful day-

Madison & Emma-


My dad & Isaac-


My brother and Isaac- (love this pic!)


Diane & I’s attempt at our traditional picture together… 


It was raining as we arrived, but turned out to be beautiful weather!  There was an air of sadness for me knowing I won’t see several of these family members for a while…we traditionally do Thanksgiving together, but we are unsure what Thanksgiving will look like for us this year…


Beth&Diane said...

I do love that pic of Isaac and Adam! Next time you and Diane try to take a pic - get more help! Diane wasn't too good about our pic on the swings either! lol

Look forward to seeing you all this weekend!

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