Thursday, December 23, 2010

AZ Christmas Cheer

We did what we could to feel the Christmas spirit here in AZ with out the aid of blistery KS winds & snow.

Emma dug out her duds that Mimi made a couple years back during her Mary obsessive time period.  I was able to snap a pic of the willing donkey she found to take her on her trek out of Bethlehem (considering it appears Jesus had already arrived).


We drove through a light display near Phoenix.  They claimed to have over a million lights.  This display differed from  your typical displays b/c they not only had your typical Christmas trains, gingerbread men, snowmen, etc.  They also had several scenes from different stories from the Bible. Jonah & the whale, the last supper, crucifixion, leaving the grave, ascension into heaven. Kinda cool to see all those displayed in lights.

DSC06919 DSC06920 DSC06921 DSC06923 

The end had you drive through TONS of lights all flashing and blinking.  The kids LOVED it!


God’s gift to us this Christmas week was getting to know a new neighbor.  They have a little boy “S” that is about 6 months older than Aidan and loves Transformers as much if not more!! They also have “A” which is only a week older than Isaac and will single handedly wean Isaac from his pacifier for me!  They don’t have a “match” for Emma, but she would love to get her hands on “A” & Isaac to play mommy or daycare her favorite two games!!

We had them over on the 23rd to make cookies for Santa.  A.LOT of sprinkles were used in the making of only a few cookies!! :)  They all had fun decorating and then playing together.

    DSC06950DSC06945DSC06946 DSC06947 

Overall we’re doing Christmas things, lights, Polar Express, we’re decorated for Christmas complete with outdoor lights…but the 70 degree + weather makes it difficult to believe!!


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