Monday, December 13, 2010


Wow.  What an adventure traveling north!!

More photos and (positive) highlights to come, but for now I’d like to:

1- apologize to our neighbors in room 213 at the Radisson in Flagstaff.  Had I known our children would fuss, cry, flip and flop all night long I would have saved my $100 in hotel fees and slept in a sleeping bag with all 3 kids in the trunk of my car.  The aches, pains  & lack of sleep would have been equal. Additionally I did NOT set the alarm to go off at midnight waking my and everyone else in a 2 block radius. It is also not common practice for my children to wake at 6 am on a school day.  I think they were confused.  School days they typically sleep in….it’s usually just weekends they wake with the sun.

2- apologize to my parents.  If what I experienced this weekend traveling with 3 kids all in the back seat of a car was even HALF of what Adam, Marcia & I put you through I am truly sorry and am quiet frankly shocked at some point you didn’t stick one of us down the hole in the station wagon floor board.

3- apologize to all traffic on the I-17 traveling north or south.  I do NOT enjoy, nor support the idea of a 75mph speed limit when traveling up or down curvy mountain roads.  My husband who chooses to travel 7-10mph OVER the limit was not torturing me like it might have appeared on my face as we FLEW past you.  Although it did feel a bit torturous. Specifically to those traveling “down” I assure you we did have breaks…Matt feels it is fun to see how long he can go without touching them.  Or so I think.

4. apologize to those seated near us on the Polar Express Train ride.  After toting around a 30 lb 15 month old I was exhausted, pummeled and ready for bed by our 8 p.m. departure time.  I did try to smile while Isaac kicked, bumped, head butted, and stepped on my gut.  I attempted to hold it together as he broke my necklace with his chocolate covered hands and the realization my camera malfunctioned thus rendering pathetic photos of this happy, HAPPY time. I am blaming my attitude on altitude sickness.  I mean this 7300 ft is not the 880 I’m used to here in the “valley”. I am sticking to this diagnosis.

Whew.  I feel better now.


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