Monday, March 28, 2011

KS Visitors

We had more Midwest visitors seeking refuge from the winter.  Sadly the temps cooled while they were here making it a bit warmer in KS!! 

Marcia & her 2 kids arrived Friday the 18th and stayed until the next Wednesday.  We had a fun time shopping, painting, playing & eating!

Aidan introduced Dallen to the world of Transformers & Super Heroes.  In fact they played with their transformers in the doll house!! :)


Saturday we took the boys shopping while the girls stayed home to “help” Matt start the bunk bed building. Here they are “saying good-bye” as we pulled away. :) They kept busy all weekend with crafts, playing school & bossin’ the boys!!


Sunday was a lot of fun! We attended church & enjoyed lunch at Peter Piper Pizza or Peeper Piper Pizza according to Aidan. (imagine Chucky Cheese). 


Following lunch we took advantage of the nice weather at Westport in Glendale. It’s a small shopping center next to the Cardinals Stadium with fountains set to music, restaurants, movie theater & a splash pad for kids to play in.  Oh…and MARBLE SLAB!!! ;)

Chillin’ outside Margarita Ville.             A shot of all 4…well 3 & Dallen’s best side!!


Marble Slab!! YUM! They all got various kinds of ice cream with gummy bears.


Dallen with his rrrred tongue.  And the free entertainment they begged for…


You can see their hesitation in getting wet… first. :)DSC07585DSC07600

Before long the boys were all in…SOAKING wet!!


Marcia & I chillin’ as the kids had the onset of hypothermia.  Emma, whom has NEVER enjoyed being wet, sat out & watched the crazies!!


Monday we started work on the boys’ room.  We are graduating them out of crib & toddler bed soon so we put a fresh coat of Khaki & then started to plan the stripes.  Their bedding has 2 shades of blue, apple green, orange & brown.  (from Target) The stripes are now done…pics to follow soon.


Then there’s little Isaac.  Poor lil guy struggled with a fever prior to their arrival and then started coughing & snotting on Saturday.  Matt woke up sick to his stomach on Monday too.  I took Isaac to the Dr. Monday & got some cough meds.  He’s still snotting today but hopefully he’ll get better soon.


Always great of have company!!!  To bad the weather was cooler and over cast :(  Very seldom is it overcast here and it was 3 of the days they were here.  Marcia & I questioned how families with more than 5 kids do it.  It was constant motion & constant mess. :) The kids had a ball playing & were fighting like siblings by the time they left!! :)  Hard to believe it will be June before we see them again.  But it’s almost April already!! WOW!!


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