Monday, May 16, 2011

Fantastic 4 Part II

My fantastic four year old loves all things super hero.  Marvel super squadies to be exact.  I’ve learned a lot about all the different super heroes having Aidan & Matt to school me. You’ll see no Batman or Superman for example b/c they are DC comics NOT marvel.  Wow…shortly into this blog post & you’ve learned something new that will be life changing.

In comes the superhero cake.  You’d of thunk I worked a 50 hour work week & forgot the bday was coming cause I was running around like crazy on Sat. getting prepared!?!?!  I baked the cakes Friday & dirty iced them.  Leaving Sat. for all the inspiring decorating.  By the kids bedtime Sat. it looked like this…


It appeared I had smoked a few to many & was all psychidellic hippy or something…I was ready to head to Walmart in the AM buy something with a plastic super hero on it, but then Matt lent me his superhero talents to create this…


On the top layer we have the Avengers- Ironman, Thor & Captain America.  On the bottom layer is Spiderman.  I found the marshamellow fondant to again be easy to work with.  The only trouble we had was the red & white stripes not drooping with the blue buttercream.  Our kitchen is oneTHOUSAND degrees with the appliances & gazillion can lights beaming from the ceiling…oh & the desert like climate.  I could point out the things wrong with it or that I wasn’t please with, but blah, blah, blah that would be boring!! :)

Luckily the splashpads at the 2 big parks in our neighborhood opened Friday.  Unfortunately by Sunday evening one was not functioning so we had his party at the sports park instead of the (more shaded) community park.  The shelters were a bit smaller, with fewer tables, but it all worked out.  Our neighbors with their 2 kiddos came & another neighborhood family which happen to have kids all the exact same ages as my 3.  Ironically the same 2 families that were also at Emma’s party!! :)  We are blessed to have them to share our new AZ life with!


It was so windy making the water a bit chilly, but the kids didn’t mind!

DSC08104 DSC08086  DSC08092

We had a simple BBQ & enjoyed what food didn’t blow off our plates! The kids also played on the 2 big play sets at the park.  Isaac’s favorite!DSC08088DSC08103

Aidan opening his Tron motorcycle race track from Mimi.  He got lots of fun boy toys. Superhero lego type guy, Power Rangers, Transformers, play compound bow, torpedo launcher for the pool, Bumblebee shirt & bubble blower & a Thor t-shirt. (He went to see Thor with Matt the day before!)


Here’s the only good shot I got of the pinata I made!  I went the  lazy route where the kids could fill their own bag with goodies from the smashed pinata. I got the idea from  here.  Total cost for me was about $3. Two dollars for the streamers & 97 cents for the hero poster. I had the hanger & hot glue gun.  Frys gave me the 2 brown paper bags. I had found cheesy, super stiff empty cardboard pinatas at the store for upwards of $20…mine was less than $20 including all the goodies. SCORE!!!  (FYI I did use my sewing machine to “gather” the streamers…SO easy!)

DSC08137 DSC08134 DSC08143

*Unfortunately our hard hitters busted the hanger twice making the pinata fall, but not spill the goodies…so Matt ripped it open!! :)


All was well, all was fun & had a happy hero 4 year old!!!


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