Monday, May 16, 2011

Fantastic 4

It’s been 4 fantastic years since we welcomed this little boy into our family.

Copy of 5.17.07 Peaceful Home

I could show you a hundred more photos of him sleeping.  He had 2 modes the first year of his life…sleep or SCREAM.  My hands were only free for pics when he was sleeping. :) Luckily now it’s a faint memory & I’ve forgiven him. ;)

NOW he’s a constant source of joy (& ER bills, but forgetting all the glass eating & styrofoam snorting adventures)- he is a hoot!!  4.27.09 Aidan dressed 7.28.09 Dressin Up Fun (3)

So many smiles have replaced all those tears he shed as a baby.

10.3.09 Aidan slide4.16.08 Aidan (3) 

He’s not afraid of anything dirty, sticky, grimy, greasy, or muddy & luckily loves bathtime!

  5.25.09 & Starpop (6)

Potty training has not been the best of times for him, but finally thanks to my IPhone he is potty trained…except through the night…ugh.

4.26.09 Aidan Potty (2)

From his laugh that sounds like Ernie, to the funny words & phrases he says-  using the word “ours” like this…”Are they coming to ours house?  I like ours van”, then there’s O.M.S.R meaning "oh yes them are”.

6.26-6.28.09 Fair Days (53) 

His new way to answer yes when we ask a question is by raising & lowering his eyebrows, or when you tell him to do something he gives a thumbs up-winks one eye- & makes a clicking sound all simultaneously.

Our sweet 4 yr old boy…



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