Thursday, June 2, 2011

Prayers from a 4 Yr old…

We were getting a late start this AM.  Leaving the house to run errands & get groceries at 11:30 am was not my plan.  They were hungry & it was actually Isaac’s nap time. Which really has nothing to do with this post except to display my poor planning…I guess. :)

As we pulled out of our section of the neighborhood Aidan announces he needed to pray to God. He was “reading” an Oriental Trading magazine…which makes me wonder what what sparked the need to pray?!?

I told him “honey we can pray to God anytime about anything.  He likes it when we talk to Him.” I was instructed to cover my ears & did so as best I could while driving!! When he was done he said “i prayed for God to help me poop & help me learn”. I think it went something like “our father who fart in heaven”…or maybe not…my ears were covered after all. I then prayed up a quick shout out that God would wait to answer Aidan’s prayer until we were home!!

The day of shopping lead us to each & every bathroom of Sears, Panda Express, JoAnn Fabrics (x2), Bashas & Walmart.  Bathroom trips alone added what seemed like hours to our day. Emma voted Bashas to be the “stinkiest”. FYI.

Luckily God listened to mommy & finally answered with what is the agonizing 15 min. of begging him to “shoot it out”- the moment we got home.  I wonder at what point he will learn that holding it makes it worse.  Poor lil guy!

Fast forward 3 hours through playing, swimming & dinner to about 8 pm.  Isaac went pee-pee on the potty chair.   I resumed cleaning up dinner to have him come in saying “oooh poo, *pointing toward dining room* “ooooOOOH pooooo”.  I  go in and find he had taken the potty down (from where Matt had cleaned it) pooped in it & then came and told me.

While we were cheering for him (& getting his spree cause we’re all about bribery) he handed me my camera…so what’s a mama to do, but snap…

DSC08335 DSC08336

All this to say…I have to spend the day begging my 4 year old to go.  My not yet 2 year old goes on his own and comes to tell me. Craziness I tell ya!?!?!?!

Yet this mama is SUPER excited that we could be looking at our last…say…6 months of diapers!!! Yee haw!!!  What could I ever do with that extra $50?? :)

My nasty AZ ,dried up, flip flop wearing, feet have an idea…


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