Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Happened.

There have been so many people out there lifting prayer for our baby boy without many details of what actually happened.  We are so grateful for each and every prayer and blessed beyond measure that God answered those prayers!!

The last few days have been a whirl wind.  We are physically & emotional drained, but I wanted to get out the basics of what happened.  I have lots on my heart to share about the events surrounding the accident, but will stick now with the events…

We were in my small home town of Melvern for their annual fair days. Saturday evening was the parade & we took our usual position midway on the parade route in my grandparents old yard. When we arrived the parade was already lined up at the starting point as we could see the American Legion my dad & uncle marches with in formation. My 22 yr old twin cousins, Aunt & niece & nephew were positioned on a blanket with the kids and I was behind them with my mom & a friend in lawn chairs. Surrounded by extended family & friends on all sides.

We were there maybe 10 min before I turned to see Isaac run into the street and in a matter of seconds a car driven by an elderly woman whom had somehow found herself onto the parade route struck Isaac driving 15-20 mph throwing him approx 15 ft. The impact was heard by people as far as a block & a 1/2 away. He was struck on his left side, spun & landed on his left side. (We believe…as we find more bruises today on his pelvic region I am now thinking all injuries on his left side are from the impact & bruise on right pelvic bone & road rash on right arm is from him landing.)

Praise God Isaac was not even 2 steps further into the road or he would have likely been knocked down and ran over.

Head & neck CT scans came back clear, as did all X-rays of his chest & pelvis.  His tummy felt great & indicated no internal bleeding and urine tested clear of blood.  After several hours in the ER we were sent home with our healthy, although rouged up lil boy.  Simply amazing.

Please continue to pray for those that witnessed the accident.  Many are struggling with the haunting images & sound of the accident.  May we all be freed from our feelings of guilt, what-ifs & find peace.  Please also pray for the driver of the car.  She must be facing her own struggles & it had to be difficult to be involved in such an accident in front of so many.

We are so grateful for all the emergency care workers, family support, people from the crowd that sprung into action & prayers from so many on FB & in many churches.

More to share later….


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