Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Land of OZ Part I

My cousin Diane & Oz copilot flew in to AZ on Sunday, June 12th to put in motion the plan for our 20 hour journey back to the land of Oz.  We only had Monday to show her all things Arizona so off to White Tanks Mountain park we went.

 6.13.11 Hiking with Didi (13) P 6.13.11 Hiking with Didi (14) P 

A small (flat) hike wound us around the base of the mountains.  The blooms on the different kinds of cacti always amaze me.  Such dry, rough looking plants with bright beautiful flowers in shades of orange, red, yellow & pink.  Then there’s the “fluffy” looking one that gave my feet some trouble…

6.13.11 Hiking with Didi (4) P 6.13.11 Hiking with Didi (12)

Luckily we didn’t see any critters.  Check out the size of that cactus!!

6.13.11 Hiking with Didi (10)  Didi & Cacti  

Monday evening we tried to rest a bit before our midnight departure.  To my surprise the kids woke up when we left and didn’t fall back to sleep until 3 hours north past Flagstaff!!  Luckily they fell asleep shortly before sunrise.  The glowing orb comes up early over AZ & NM.  We stopped for gas at 6ish AM. in New Mexico.  Kids didn’t want to potty they only wanted the donuts we had packed for breakfast.  I was ASTONISHED—beside Isaac’s diaper blowout along side highway 40 in NM we didn’t stop to get out of the van until lunchtime on Monday in Amarillo TX!!! 12 solid hours in the van without unbuckling. I would have NEVER guessed that was possible.

A short stop in OK at a DQ and we arrived at my in laws about 10 pm.  The kids were SO amazing on the drive.  DVDs, books & their toy bags made the trip a breeze!

Wednesday we slept in a bit and headed to Derby to see friends as they were finishing VBS. (I must admit the 30 min drive from Atlanta to Derby was MISERABLE.  Not sure how they held it together for 20 hours, but couldn’t make it 30 minutes!!!)  We got to the church and loaded the van with VBS friends & family for a lunch date at Tallianos!! YUM!

{Dylan, Allison, Erin, Alex, Emma, Isaac, Becca & Aidan} 

6.15 - 6.18 1st leg of KS trip (3)

Thursday we went to VBS.  Emma had fun with her friends and so did Aidan.

6.15 - 6.18 1st leg of KS trip (57) 6.15 - 6.18 1st leg of KS trip (55)

I helped in snacks & Diane helped in the preschool with Aidan’s group.  It felt so odd to be there.  It was as if I’d never left.  Guess that means it felt like home. :) After VBS we had a lunch date at McDonalds with some of Emma & Aidan’s friends and former daycare kiddos.  It was great to catch up with everyone.  Emma event went to play at Shelby’s while Diane & I ran to the store.

Friday we went to VBS again.  We met Roy, Lisa & kids for lunch in Wichita and then followed that with a play date at the mall play place with Kristina, Jen & their kids.

{Me, Kristina, Jen, Emma, Karaline, Bradley, & Aidan. Cody & Isaac missing}

DSC085166.15 - 6.18 1st leg of KS trip (63) 

Saturday we ventured to Wellington to have lunch & playdate with my friend Karra & her boys.  We made homemade pizza & had a great visit.

{Oldest to youngest: Brent (missing), Emma, Mike, Aidan, Zach (tigger) & Isaac}

6.15 - 6.18 1st leg of KS trip

Sunday were were excited to go to FCC and worship with our old church family.  It was wonderful to see friends that we’ve missed so!!  We followed church with our traditional after church lunch with Grandma & Papa at RibCrib (since Daddy wasn’t with us!!).  It was then off to Melvern for the 2nd leg of our trip & to get Diane back home for her duties at VBS for her church.


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