Thursday, July 7, 2011

Land of Oz Part II

An annual summer event for my family is the Melvern Sunflower Fair Days.  The kids and I arrived in Melvern on Sunday and the first several days were filled with the annual summer Camp Mimi.  This year Mimi held camp for the boys and then for the girls.

The boys went to camp first while Marcia & I kept the girls (& Isaac) busy playing, going out to the lake & one of Madison’s ball games. Mom took Aidan and Dallen on a nature hike, the pool in Osage City and had Papa give a private fire truck ride.  They also had a hotdog roast & smores for dinner.  I took over for crafts that night because Mimi had to take care of Uncle Adam.  Camp Mimi ~ Boy

Wednesday was the girls turn.  Marcia & I kept the boys busy playing at the park & took them to see a movie (Rio) in Topeka. while the girls made crafts, went on a nature hike & received personalized hand made walking sticks!! Mimi also took them to the Emporia zoo, a picnic at the park & the water park.  Their cousin Lauren & (great) Aunt Jeree joined camp this year.  Jeree and I held spa night with the girls.  Emma enjoyed doing the pedicures on everyone…and the painting of toes even more. :)  The girls got to sleep in a camper and loved catching lightening bugs as their “night light”.  It’s funny how excited Emma was to catch them, but then see how delicately she is holding the cage with her painted nails of course!!

6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (52)6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (53)

6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (33)6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (41) 

After camp Mimi days the fair started.  Thursday night was arm band night for the kids so it was all-you-could-ride night.  They seemed to have great fun!!

6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (75)6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (66)

It was great to see these two love birds. :) My brother Adam & his g/f Beth.

A & B Fair 4

Friday mom, Jana (good family friend) the kids and I went to Topeka.  Mom was wanting me to check out sewing machines at her favorite sewing spot.  Embroidery machines to be exact.  I SO would love a new machine and would love one with font monogramming/embroidery capabilities, but just wasn’t in my budget right now. Boo.  We met up a bunch of family & friends at our favorite pizza spot (Buzzards) at their new location in Osage City for dinner.  The Partridge family, Windsor Brennans, Adam & Beth, Marcia & crew then my carload all had some yummo pizza.  Here’s a shot of the crazy kiddos that were there…

{Emma (7), Madison (6), Dallen, Branden & Aidan (all 4), Weston (2), Isaac (almost 2)}

6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (84)

It was an early bedtime Friday night so we would be well rested for the Saturday AM kids races & afternoon old fashioned games. 

You’re looking at the annual 3 legged race boy & girl division winners!!

6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (104)6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (112)

For a city girl Emma sure knows how to roll a tire!  Uncle Adam & Isaac in a “stand”off.  He eventually decided taking a ride on Adam’s feet is fun!!

6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (118)6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (100)

The kids loved earning their coins for placing in the races.  Their goal was to win enough money to get a snow cone or cotton candy that night at the fair.  Aidan did well on the money hunt in the hay and was excited to show off his dollar bill!!  The balloon toss however was a very short game.  SPLAT.  Speaking of splat…the egg toss between Beth & I didn’t go to well either.  She ended up back at mom & dads needing to wash up!!  Beth & Diane however were crowned Egg Toss Champions.

6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (132)6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (126)

Saturday afternoon we rested up for the parade that night.  Waiting for the parade to start.  Cousins excited!! (Hey Beth…you were in the picture!! :) )6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (138)Cuz

The accident  happened with in minutes of taking this photo. Rereading the post to make the link and my stomach has that  yucky feeling all over again.  Even though I was able to go to bed that night with my otherwise healthy baby nestled next to me the anxiousness and deep seeded feelings of fear that occurred following the accident will forever be with me and have forever changed me. I can’t explain the depth of fear that I had INSTANTLY, other than to compare it to the instant love one feels when they see 2 pink lines.  The joys & pains in parenting run so very, very deep. The was a gut wrenching feeling that I might never again see or know this lil guy in the capacity that I had just moments before. 

6.21 - 6.26 Melvern leg of KS trip (136)

Praise God I do.  So thankful for His grace, healing & provision for my family & my little Isaac that day.  He went from this scary contraption- with strong arms broke free-

6.25.11 Isaac Accident (2)

to by morning the below pacci-sucking, smiling little guy.


We spent Sunday recovering.  Little sleep was had Saturday night.  Most everyone needing some time of bonding & seeing Isaac to help the healing of our minds & spirits.  To see him running around like nothing had even happened did wonders for all of us.  It didn’t close our internal wounds of hurt, but began the process. Uncle Adam came back to visit us Sunday before we departed and got the cute pic of he & all the kids above.

Sunday evening we took off toward Atlanta.  We had grandparents there wanting to also physically see and squeeze our little miracle guy!!


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